Nica Rustica from Drew Estate

Nica Rustica

It isn't every day I get to review a new cigar from Drew Estate. After all, these guys don't pump out a million different cigars a year, hoping that one of them "sticks" (no pun intended). Instead, the masterminds at Drew Estate seem to be a calculating group,... Read More...
My Father Cigars El Centurian reviews

El Centurian

The new El Centurian from My Father Cigars is a wide scale release of a very limited cigar they introduced back in 2007. The new version is far cheaper yet far more accessible for the average cigar smoker. The new El Centurian is about a $7 stick which makes i... Read More...
Placeres Reserva cigar
87%Solid Stick

Placeres Reserva

I'm always on the lookout for a cigar that's different, affordable, and delicious. Today I have found a diamond in the rough, the Placeres Reserva from Kuuts Cigars. Kuuts makes two other brands the MIRÓ and the Tabacalera Zapata and I have smoked and enjoyed ... Read More...