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J.C. Newman The American Robusto cigar review
89%Stars & Stripes

The American Robusto

“Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth.” — George Washington The introduction to this review is appropriately one sentence. Everything about this cigar, even its essence, is 100-percent Stars and Stripes. We have Ariel Newman, w... Read More...
CAO Orellana cigar review
83%Box Office Flop

CAO Orellana

I had the pleasure of reviewing the CAO Amazon Anaconda a while back. In said review I really enjoyed the whole wordplay involving the CAO promotional copy, in which they dubbed Ernest Gocaj the “Indiana Jones”... Read More...
Tatuaje Chuck No. 11 cigar review
89%Wanna Smoke?


Eleven years after debuting onto the premium cigar scene, Tatuaje's Monster Series—one of the most ambitious limited-edition cigar sagas ever attempted—has come to a close. The series has seen its fair share of plot twists over the years, originally planned to... Read More...

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