Newair NCH1K5BK00 1500 count humidor review
92%NewAir's Best?

NewAir NCH1K5BK00

In the Wild West of cigar storage (i.e. 10 to 20 years back), cigar hobbyists were limited in terms of larger-scale options on the market. Sure, there were the cabinet-style setups, but those often look like th... Read More...
BODEGAcooler 546 Count Electric Cigar Humidor review

BODEGAcooler JC-85A

BODEGAcooler is not among the most recognized names when it comes to cigar storage. However, the brand seems to be gaining ground through their presence on Amazon (four-and-a-half stars with 14 ratings), offeri... Read More...
Raching MON800A cigar humidor shelf closeup
91%The Camel

Raching MON800A

The race to cigar-storage perfection continues with increasing pace, with Chinese company Raching Technology Co. joining the likes of NewAir, Whynter, and more with an upscale suite of wineador-style cigar humi... Read More...
Rabbit Air A3 air purifier review

Rabbit Air A3

It's no stretch to assert that, for the average cigar enthusiast, Rabbit Air is the solution when confronting the need for air purification in home lounges. The Los Angeles-based company was founded in 2004, th... Read More...
NewAir NCH840BK00 840 Count Humidor review
94%Stable Giant

NewAir NCH840BK00

NewAir continues to set themselves apart in the realm of premium cigar storage systems, specializing in temperature-controlled wineador-style humidors. Their offerings are updated on a fairly regular basis, tak... Read More...
NewAir NCH250SS00 humidor review
91%New-Age Storage

NewAir NCH250SS00

Among the sea of humidor options for cigar enthusiasts currently on the market, NewAir currently ranks among the top choices within the space of wineador-style systems. The company as a whole specializes in a v... Read More...
NewAir CC-300H humidor review
94%Climate Change

NewAir CC-300H

During the journey of the cigar hobbyist, the humidor can often be used as a measuring stick—gauging the enthusiast's progress along the way. Fifty-count desktop devices are often the first choice, though smoke... Read More...
XIKAR XO cigar cutter review
95%Keen Cut


A little over two decades ago, Kurt Van Keppel went out shopping for a cigar cutter for his father. After visiting practically every tobacco shop in Kansas City, he finally returned home empty handed—dissatisfi... Read More...