The Dojo crew has always been a fan of the Cubao cigar. When Erik Espinosa and Eddie Ortega operated EO Brands the Cubao was always known as a great performing and yet affordable stick. Now that Erik and Eddie have gone their separate ways, many of those great cigars were in danger of going away for good. Thankfully, Espinosa Cigars picked up the 601 line and now Ortega Cigars is relaunching the Cubao.

Ortega Cigar Co Cubao cigar review

The new Cubao features the same blend as the original and is made at the My Father Cigars Factory is Esteli, Nicaragua. The Ortega Cubao boasts an Ecuador Sumatra wrapper and a combination of Nicaraguan binder and fillers from Esteli and Jalapa. The label is very similar to the original, although there is now a touch of gold foil stamping, which makes the cigar look better than ever.

The new Cubao by Eddie Ortega

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The cut and pre-light draw reveal a perfect resistance and the initial draw hits you with a super peppery zing. However, that peppery zing quickly fades away and the cigar settles in to its groove. This cigar is creamy! It’s like a milky, creamy, satin treat. If you drank a cup of table cream with a sprinkle of pepper on top, it might be kinda strange, however in the cigar world pepper and cream are a marvelous combination and this cigar features a lot of it.

Cubao cigar reviews

The Cubao is medium strength yet full on flavor. If I had to compare this cigar to another, I would say it reminds me a bit of the Partagas Benji Master Series simply because both of these cigars have such a distinct table cream flavor. Another highlight of this cigar is the flavor on the retrohale, as I found it to have a very subtle grapefruit note.

New Cubao Cigar Review

The Cubao didn’t change flavor the rest of the way, but that didn’t bother me because I loved the flavor profile of this cigar. This cigar performs just as good, if not better than many sticks that sell for twice the price. Tons of smoke, great draw, and a near perfect burn all the way to the nub!

Would I smoke this cigar again?

YES, YES, YES!! This is a home run, especially at the price point of being under $7. It’s hard to find a stick at this price that has such perfect construction and satisfying flavors. Long live the Cubao!

Cubao cigar review and rating

Cubao cigar review and rating


Ortega Cubao
Great construction, classic looks, and a flavor profile that features spice and cream.
Complexity 86%
  • Creamy flavors
  • Awesome construction
  • Affordable
  • No flavor changes
  • Wavy burn
89%Box Purchase
Reader Rating: (2 Votes)
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