Up for review this time around is the Room101 Daruma Sucio, a 7 x 48 vitola. Room101 has been getting a lot of publicity recently for many of its cigars, but the Daruma seemed quietly left behind. I wondered why, so I sought to find out for myself.

Starting off, the cigar gave me numerous reasons to dislike it, and you know what? I was glad. For whatever reason, I wanted to dislike this cigar. Right off the bat, the burn ran down one side – strike one. The draw was very open, and as the ash began to form, I could see hollow areas from a poor “bunch-job”. There just wasn’t enough tobacco to keep the burn straight. And on top of that, there was very little smoke output. Go figure, right? Strike two. I was ready to condemn the darn thing.

Room 101 Daruma cigar review

But then something strange, perhaps even magical, began to happen – the burn corrected itself. The draw tightened up and the smoke volume increased. What’s going on here? I’ll tell you what’s going on here – one fantastic cigar as it turns out! This stick turned itself around to become one of the best cigars I’ve smoked in recent memory.

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Once it straightened itself out, the flavors just exploded. Most interesting to me was that the smoke left a thick, oily tingle of white pepper on the tip of my tongue instead of in my throat, where I’m accustomed to feeling it. With the pepper there was an orange peel oiliness type of citrus flavor that complimented the pepper. Behind that wafted some very pleasant baking spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. And that was just in the first third.

Smoking and reviewing Room 101 Daruma cigar

Transitioning to the middle of the stick, I noticed caramel that at times replaced the citrus. The pepper began to subside, but the oiliness and full-mouth feel remained strong. The finish was probably the longest I have yet encountered. This turned out to be a full-bodied stick with a pleasing medium strength level. It’s the kind of cigar I could smoke one after another all day long and not get tired of it.

In the final third, flavors seemed to pop in and out with every draw. One draw there would be a chocolaty sweetness that wasn’t present before, and on the next there would (again) be caramel or citrus. At one point, just after the band, I tasted a fresh-baked bread yeast flavor, which had me thinking of hot, fresh caramel rolls. It became more of a gustatory thrill ride than just a casual cigar smoking experience to my mind.

In the end, the Room 101 Daruma is a highly complex, full-bodied amusement park of flavors. Perhaps Matt Booth and Camacho Cigars didn’t rewrite the book on how to blend a satisfying cigar, but they surely added a chapter or two.

Room 101 Daruma smoked cigar

Would I smoke this cigar again?

Yes, absolutely I would smoke this cigar again. It’s not just box-worthy, but many boxes worthy in my opinion.

Guest reviewed by David Moon (aka Smokin’_Cubans)

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Room101 Daruma Sucio
A wacky burn at the start doesn't ruin the fact that this cigar was a tasty treat.
  • Great flavors after the initial third
  • Complex and unique
  • Horrible burn at the start
  • 1st third not as good as last 2
89%Great finish
Reader Rating: (83 Votes)
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