The new El Centurian from My Father Cigars is a wide scale release of a very limited cigar they introduced back in 2007. The new version is far cheaper yet far more accessible for the average cigar smoker. The new El Centurian is about a $7 stick which makes it well within most folks price range. Today I am smoking the robusto version of this cigar which weighs in at a 5.75×50. The El Centurian features a Nicaraguan binder with a Nicaraguan Sun Grown Criollo ’98 wrapper, the long filler is of various Nicaraguan tobaccos.

My Father Cigars El Centurian rating

My Father once again nails the presentation on this cigar creating a classic and timeless band and box art all while managing to give the cigar a fresh and modern vibe. My good buddy CubanPete had been smoking these daily on the Cigar Dojo app so I figured I better call up Smoke Inn and place my box order.

My Father Cigars El Centurian review

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The pre-light draw reveals the usual My Father Cigars perfect resistance and the aroma of the cigar is of earthy hay and cedar. Upon toasting and lighting you are smaked straight in the mouth with a deep dark coa coa and espresso flavor. Noticeably missing is the signature Pepin spice blast but there is a nice subtle spice that fits perfectly with the dark chocolate.

My Father Cigars El Centurian review and rating

Construction is fantastic. The cigar burned marvelously all the way through and the draw and smoke output were everything I was hoping for. As I worked my way into the El Centurian there were times when the espresso and chocolate would give way to a woodsy camp-fire flavor which was really fun. When the coa coa flavors returned they were joined by a subtle cherry flavored finish. Everything about the flavor of this cigar was enjoyable. The flavors of this cigar were clearly medium/full while the strength was in a similar range.

My Father Cigars El Centurian review

Would I smoke this cigar again?

ABSOLUTELY! This cigar will very likely end up in my “best cigars of 2013” list. The price point, the construction, the presentation, and most importantly the flavor, plants the El Centurian firmly in my regular rotation.


My Father Cigars El Centurian ratings

6 second cigar reviewAnd now for those that have severe Attention Deficit Disorder, we present our 6 second cigar review of the El Centurian cigar.

El Centurian
The El Centurian is a great performer with deep, dark chocolate flavor, for less than 10 bucks. Dojo approved!
  • Dark, rich flavor
  • Great performance
  • Affordable
  • Not complex
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