Cohiba Connecticut Robusto cigar review
86%Generally OK

Cohiba Connecticut Robusto

I'll come right out and say this at the start—I feel like the non-Cuban Cohiba is a cigar that shouldn’t be. To be sure, you’ll find plenty of American-distributed versions of the old, famed Cuban brands that exist. But nearly all of these brands are generally... Read More...
Artesano del Tabaco Viva la Vida Robusto cigar review
87%Smooth-Sailing A.J.

Viva la Vida Robusto

There’s quite a few bits of information online about the story of the Artesano del Tobacco (ADT), but I’ll summarize a bit for you. Right around peak '90s cigar boom, Billy and Gus Fakih (the founders of ADT)—along with a third brother not involved in the Arte... Read More...
Matilde Serena Corona cigar review
90%Sensual Lady

Matilde Serena Corona

The Matilde Serena has been around since the latter part of 2016. This cigar was created to give a full lineup of flavor profiles—from mild to full—across the Matilde portfolio. It makes sense to have a Connecticut in the mix, as the company was started by a 4... Read More...

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