CAO Orellana cigar review
83%Box Office Flop

CAO Orellana

I had the pleasure of reviewing the CAO Amazon Anaconda a while back. In said review I really enjoyed the whole wordplay involving the CAO promotional copy, in which they dubbed Ernest Gocaj the “Indiana Jones”... Read More...
Tatuaje Chuck No. 11 cigar review
89%Wanna Smoke?


Eleven years after debuting onto the premium cigar scene, Tatuaje's Monster Series—one of the most ambitious limited-edition cigar sagas ever attempted—has come to a close. The series has seen its fair share of plot twists over the years, originally planned to... Read More...
Foundation Cigar Company Menelik cigar review


Since 2016, Foundation Cigar Company's premiere offerings have all been contained under two brands: El Güegüense and The Tabernacle, with the former being rolled at the Tabacos Valle de Jalapa S.A. (TABSA) factory in Estelí, and the latter being handled by the... Read More...