Get ready for the Room 101 Big Delicious, the latest in the Microblend Series from Smoke Inn. I traveled all the way across the country to get my hands on a pre-release sample of these cigars because I was so excited about it. Well, truth be told I was heading to West Palm Beach for The Great Smoke anyhow but heck, it makes this cigar review sound more dramatic. The point is, today I will be reviewing the Big Delicious which is fitting because today is the day Smoke Inn is taking pre-release orders for the Big Delicious.

Room 101 Big Delicious cigar rating

Lets dive right in shall we? First things first, this cigar has a really unique look. It’s a 6.25 x 42-52 torpedo that has a “bulging” box pressed shape. Think of it as a “chubby” box press. The Big Delicious also features an extended habano wrapper that is crumpled up, extending past the end of the foot. The label on this cigar is extremely cool featuring Big Delicious himself (Abe) and Swanky White (Matt Booth). I also dig the 70’s retro font style in chrome and lavender, I can almost hear Barry White’s deep soulful voice singing “Big Delicious” as I cut and light this bad-boy.

Since the cigar features the extra wrapper at the foot you get to taste a full blast of that 2000 Habano wrapper right off the bat which grabs your attention and assaults your senses with flavor. The best way I can describe the flavor of this cigar is “meaty“, like a big juicy sirloin steak lightly salted with cracked pepper. The pepper note is like a dull pepper in that it doesn’t zing across your tongue but instead subtly coats your palette in a oily, chalky, harmony of flavor.

Room 101 Big Delicious cigar review

One amazing thing about the Big Delicious is how long it burns. Make sure to set aside a good two hours to consume this morsel because it takes its sweet time and gives you every pennies worth of it’s $9 price tag. There were times during the Big Delicious where I wished it produced a tad more smoke but it was never short on flavor so that made up the difference. This medium to full bodied smoke stays on a straight path until the last third of the cigar. At that point it’s as if the waiter came by and sprinkled an extra dose of pepper on my steak! Normally I prefer the middle third of my cigars but the Big Delicious shines even brighter the closer you get to the bone.

Room 101 Big Delicious cigar review

Would I smoke this cigar again? Would I order another juicy sirloin at Texas Roadhouse? You’re darn tootin’! I loved the flavor profile on this cigar and it might be the best of the microblend series, although the Apocalypse is great and I’ve never tried the Anarchy. Once again, Smoke Inn delivers something truly fun and unique to us cigar smokers who are craving interesting products.

Room 101 Big Delicious cigar review and rating

Room 101 Big Delicious cigar rating

Room101 Big Delicious
Like a big fat sirloin steak the Big Delicious is a savory smoke that might go well win dinner.
  • Savory flavors
  • Long burner
  • Cool presentation
  • Not much smoke output
  • Rare
  • Steve Saka Cigars
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