UPDATE: This contest is over. The grand prize winner was eljimmy. In second and third place were AdamAttoun and geotrio3. Cigar ContestTatuaje has become one of the most coveted cigars brands on the market, with bold and interesting flavors combined with just the right touch of rarity, people go nuts for these cigars! In fact, logging on to the Cigar Dojo app, you can count on finding someone smoking a Tatuaje cigar at all times, they’re simply that good!

Brand creator Pete Johnson is constantly working on the next big thing, and when Smoke Inn smoke shop owner “Honest Abe” introduced the acclaimed microblend series, it seemed inevitable that Tatuaje would be the headlining act. A cigar custom tailored to fit what Smoke Inn (and their customers) was looking for, the Tatuaje Anarchy was a huge success! Now Smoke Inn and Tatuaje are at it again with the newly released Apocalypse cigar, a slightly tweaked, more concentrated version of the original that has fans raving! We at Cigar Dojo even ranked the Apocalypse in our top 10 cigars of 2012 list, this is a top-shelf cigar that really does well with age, and it’s only been out for a few months!

This is easily one of, if not, the best cigars we have ever given away in our Great Cigar Giveaway contests, so let’s make this one epic!

This weeks contest theme is: Your best artistic cigar photo

Usually, we emphasize that contest entries should have an artistic quality in mind, because let’s face it, no one wants to see blurry, pixelated shots of obscurity (that actually sounded pretty cool…). In this week’s contest, quality is everything! Think outside the box and create a photo you wouldn’t mind hanging on the wall of your man cave.

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Some ideas to make your pics stand out may be:

  • Use the camera focus to your advantage (blurring the right areas of a photo can really make the image pop!)
  • Find an app with some cool effects (Instagram is a good place to start)
  • Keep composition in mind
  • Use interesting camera angles
  • Play around with different cameras (a perfect chance to try out that new DSLR or your old black and white film)

This week’s contest will be judged by the Cigar Dojo staff. Don’t worry if you don’t have an expensive camera, we’re looking for creativity! Take your time and make those entries count (2 per day max).

Photoshopped or not, we want original images! i.e., an image taken specifically for this contest and created from scratch (no old photos, no images from Google).

Artistic cigar photo

An example of an artistic cigar photo - Added points for pictures with references to Tatuaje, Smoke Inn, and Cigar Dojo, get all 3 together and we'll really be impressed!

As you may have read, we’re starting this weekend off with the Tatuaje Smoke Night, a night for cigar smokers around the world to come together and enjoy the same cigars at the same time, all on the Cigar Dojo app! We’re encouraging anyone with a taste for fine cigars to go out and grab a few of your favorite Tatuaje cigars to smoke on April 12th, starting at 9PM eastern (8PM central, 7PM mountain, and 6PM pacific). Users across the globe will be sharing their thoughts, tasting notes, and cigar pics in what may be the most Tatuaje cigars ever smoked in one night! And during all the fun, we will be giving away Tatuaje Apocalypse cigars to the 3 best entries throughout the week, culminating to one epic, Tatuaje-filled night!

Entries will be accepted in this week’s contest running from Monday, April 8th at 5PM (MDT) and will end Thursday, April 11th at 8PM (MDT). The winners will be announced during the Tatuaje Smoke Night on April 12th.

So let’s get started shall we?

And the PRIZES are….

1st prize cigar giveawayBox of 15 Tatuaje Apocalypse cigars
Our 1st place winner this week will be one happy cigar fanatic! We’re giving away a whole box of these exclusive, microblend cigars courtesy of Smoke Inn smoke shop. These beauties feature a rather large, coiled pig tail cap leading into a tapered, 48 to 52 ring gauge body. The flavors have been described as leather, chocolate, caramel, and spice. And as Master Sensei likes to describe it, “It tastes like condensed, spiced rum!” These oily monsters just keep getting better with age; that is, if our lucky winner this week can resist the temptation…    Tatuaje Apocalypse Microblend box of cigars

Cigar Contest - cigar giveaway5-Pack of Tatuaje Apocalypse cigars
Two second place winners this week will also receive a healthy dose of the Apocalypse! That’s right, we have two 5-packs of Tatuaje Apocalypse cigars up for grabs, get your cameras and let’s see what you’ve got!Tatuaje Apocalypse 5 pack


Follow the steps below to be entered into the prize giveaway. Each completed step will give you more chances to win the contest. Contest will run from 5:00 PM (MDT) Monday, April 8th, until 8:00 PM (MDT) Thursday, April 11th. The winners will be announced during the Tatuaje Smoke night on Friday, April 12th.

NOTE: This weeks winners will be picked by the Dojo staff. We will be judging the images on artistic quality, and best overall images that fit in this weeks theme.

On the Cigar Dojo app post your best image of:

An artistic cigar photo

The contest takes place on the Cigar Dojo app. If you don’t yet have the cigar Dojo app on your smartphone, you can get information and download links here.

IMPORTANT: Please include the hashtag #ENTRY within the text of your entry.

Any reference to the CigarDojo in your image is worth extra to the judges. We like to see references to the Cigar Dojo because we would rather see images that were made for this contest rather than images that folks might had already taken in the past.  You can enter twice per day for the duration of the contest. (Want more chances to win? See extra credit below)

When you post your image in our cigar app you are officially entered into this weeks contest! Simple eh? By taking the final step, you are acknowledging that you have done all the steps necessary for entry and wish to be considered in this contest. You are also agreeing to the contest rules which are as follows:


Contest presented by CigarDojo.com. Estimated retail value of prizes $150.00. No substitution, transfer, or cash equivalent of prizes by any winner. No purchase necessary. Winners MUST email their name and shipping address to sensei@cigardojo.com. Must be 21 or older to participate. Odds of winning depend on number of customer entries, winners picked at random contestants may have multiple entries. Taxes and fees, if any, are the responsibility of the winner. Employees of CigarDojo.com are ineligible. This contest is void where prohibited by law and subject to local, state and federal law. Only original images or original compositions will be considered in the final selections. We are not responsible for prizes that may become lost or damaged during shipping. Many will enter, few will win.

Sensei says…. Good luck to all who enter!


The following steps are OPTIONAL. To gain extra chances to win the contest.

1. Repeat the final step of the contest, i.e., each day you can post another picture in the CigarDojo app. (2 per day max)

2. Create your own status update for Twitter or Facebook which must include the following THREE elements:




An example might be….

@SmokeInnCigars and art, the 2 pair quite nicely! Post an artistic cigar pic @CigarDojo 4 a chance 2 win cigars https://cigardojo.com/?p=6983 #ENTRY


#cigarArt Post your best artistic cigar pic @CigarDojo 4 a chance to win a box of Apocalypse @SmokeInnCigars https://cigardojo.com/?p=6983 #ENTRY

Remember, we want YOU to make up your own versions of those Tweets. You can make up a new status update everyday using those elements. Be creative and mix it up! It doesn’t matter what you come up with as long as it includes those three elements. (The URL above is the short link to this weeks contest.)

Each day during the contest you can retweet on Twitter or repost on Facebook 1 to 2 times to gain added entries into the contest.

If you have questions about the app or about the contest please comment below.

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