Tatuaje Apocalypse cigar

Master Sensei’s look of horror knowing the Apocalypse is upon him.

Look out everyone the Apocalypse is about to begin. No really, it is! Let me tell you the story, awhile back Smoke Inn smoke shop released their Tatuaje Anarchy which is part of Smoke Inn’s microblend series and the Anarchy was a huge success. In fact it’s hard to get your hands on an Anarchy due to their popularity. Now Smoke Inn is releasing the Tatuaje Apocalypse which a modified version of the Anarchy. The Apocalypse is a 5.25” x 48-52 salamon/bulb shaped cigar with a super dark Connecticut broadleaf wrapper. The label is a bright orange/red band with a simple “Anarchy” logo that reminds me of the graffiti work I did in the 1980’s when I was in a punk rock band… but I digress.

Cutting and taking a pre-light draw of the Tatuaje Apocalypse reveals near perfect resistance and I can tell from the start this is going to be a deep rich cigar. I am hesitant to cut this cigar because it has such a cool pigtail coiled into a snake or turbin at the the head. After cutting, toasting, and lighting I am very pleased to find that typical Pete Johnson depth of flavor – spices, leather, chocolate, caramel, etc. This cigar is like smoking condensed spice rum. Deep rich flavors and a enjoyable long finish that coats your palette. Like many bulb shaped cigars the burn is a bit uneven but that doesn’t effect the performance of the cigar in the least.

Tatuaje Apocalypse cigar rating

The Tatuaje Anarchy is a powerhouse of a cigar and it reminds of that fact every time I take a draw. While you get the typical exotic spice you have come to expect from Garcia family cigars you also get that nice warm chocolate subtle sweetness during the finish which seems to be the trade mark of many Pete Johnson cigars. Complex and fun this cigar is going to be very popular if this sample is any indication of what the limited 1300 box release will feature.

The construction on the Apocalypse is stellar as you can light and enjoy it without ever needing to tend to any burn issues. Occasionally a salomon shaped cigar will heat up due to the large bulb of ember pouring into a small head, but not the Apocalypse, it stayed nice and cool similar to the OSOK Filero which had similarly great construction. While the Apocalypse will be a tough cigar to get your hands on due to it’s rarity it’s one that will be worth the effort to obtain and at under 9 bucks per stick you certainly cannot argue with the value. I say congrats to Abe at Smoke Inn for providing another fun, unique, and delicious cigar to smoke.

Tatuaje Apocalypse cigar review rating
Would I Smoke This Cigar Again?
Oh without question I would smoke this cigar again. It’s not expensive, it has great construction, and it features the tasty deep rich flavor profile that Tatuaje’s have brought to the cigar market.

Tatuaje Apocalypse
Deep rich flavor and near perfect construction highlight this rare cigar.
  • Rich flavor
  • Great burn and draw
  • Ages wonderfully
  • Rare
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