Just a few weeks ago an unsuspecting package arrived on the doorstep of the Dojo, no it wasn’t a cute orphan baby left to raise as the next great Cigar Ninja. Instead it was a sample pack of Arandoza Cigars Blue Label robustos. Why do they call these “Blue Label” you ask? Well, they have a blue label, duh! ūüôā¬†These¬†Nicaraguan¬†puros are produced for Arandoza Cigars by Erik Espinosa in the La Zona Factory therefore¬†naturally,¬†I was both excited and intrigued to taste this 5×52 robusto. The blue label is a Habano wrapped cigar and it’s a rusty brown color with a nice oily looking finish.

Arandoza cigars

Not to be too nit-picky but I would¬†recommend¬†Arandoza upgrade the band on this cigar as it’s rather bland with very little detail. But hey, you don’t typically smoke the band so I wont be too critical here. But still…. shelf appeal does have an effect on consumers (even lil’ol me). UPDATE: Since this review the Arandoza Blue Label cigar band has been updated to a more fancy looking band.

The first thing you will notice after cutting and taking a pre-light draw is the Arandoza features a PERFECT DRAW typical of all the Espinosa made cigars (that’s why I love the cigars that come out of this factory). After toasting and lighting I am greeted with a very¬†pleasant¬†pecan and woodsy flavor. Another thing I like is the oily, chalky quality to the smoke. I like a cigar where you can chew the smoke, and with the Arandoza you can really gnaw on it.

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Arandoza cigar review

The Arandoza is a fairly quick¬†burning¬†smoke but in this case it was perfect because I didn’t have two hours to spare. It’s good to have cigars in your collection that are long burning as well as short burning so you are prepared for every circumstance.

As I worked my way down the Arandoza the pecan flavor persisted and in fact the nuttiness of the flavor increased. The finish on the smoke has a subtle sweet carmel quality to it which made this Ninja smile. This cigar never crosses the medium body mark which makes it a nice early afternoon smoke. If you have never retrohaled a cigar this is your chance as the Arandoza is smooth enough to retrohale all day long which of course enhances the flavors.

Arandoza cigar review and rating

The burn on the Arandoza was a tad uneven but never caused the cigar to underperform in anyway. The pecan flavor never faded and clearly was the strongest note for this cigar although towards the very end I actually picked up a slight pepperoni pizza flavor (maybe I was just hungry).

Arandoza cigar rating

Would I smoke this Cigar Again? For just $6 bucks and with such a perfect draw I would gladly smoke this cigar again. People talk about “yard gars” all the time and I can see this being a perfect cigar to smoke when planting flowers with the spouse. In fact, with such a smooth flavor profile your spouse might even want to give it a try.

Arandoza cigar review

Arandoza Cigars Blue Label
The Arandoza Cigars Blue Label is a solid "workman-like" cigar that performs well for a great price.
Price Value89%
  • Solid all-around
  • Great value
  • Needs more curb appeal
  • Not complex
87%Solid Stick
Reader Rating: (1 Vote)
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