As with 2020, this year’s annual Tobacconists’ Association of America (TAA) meeting was held virtually, taking place on March 23rd. This year marks the 53rd year in operation for the TAA, a group of roughly 80 tobacconists throughout the country that pride themselves on offering a high-caliber experience for their customers. One such advantage for TAA tobacconists is the access to TAA exclusive cigars, with many of the industry’s top manufacturers crafting select sizes and cigar blends to be sold only by TAA-authorized retailers.

The TAA’s exclusive releases can be divided into two categories: ongoing and limited edition. Ongoing cigars are released each year, using the same blend/size but being available only to TAA-authorized retailers. Limited edition releases, however, often showcase new cigar blends, sizes, and quantities. Together, these cigars are contained within a collection that the TAA dubs “The Exclusive Series.”

2021 Exclusive Series Program Ongoing Products

This collection has been decreased from eight to seven cigars, removing the Kristoff TAA 49 Salomon and La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Reserva Belicoso and adding the Rocky Patel Exclusivo.

  • Alec Bradley Black Market Illicit
  • Ashton VSG Robusto TAA Especial
  • Drew Estate ACID Big Bang
  • Herrera Esteli Maduro
  • Joya de Nicaragua Antaño Gran Reserva
  • Padrón 1964 Toro TAA Exclusive
  • Rocky Patel Exclusivo

2021 Exclusive Series Limited Edition Products

Notable changes to this series include the absence of a Tatuaje TAA for the first time in 10 years, the addition of an Illusione cigar, the absence of a My Father cigar, the addition of a Diesel cigar, and the addition of a Gurkha cigar, among others. There are 13 cigars in the collection, pulling back from the 15 announced in 2020.

Brand Size Quantity Release Price
CLE Signature THT-EKE 6″ x 48/54/48 TBD TBD $17.86
Crowned Heads The Lost Angel 2021 6″ x 52 1,000 boxes TBD $11.75
JDN Cuatro Cinco Edición Americana TAA Exclusive 6″ x 54 500 boxes Oct $13.40
EPC TAA 2021 6″ x 52 750 boxes June $9.50
Diesel Disciple 7″ x 38 1,000 boxes June $8.98
Gurkha Nicaragua Series TAA 2021 6⅞” x 52 1,000 boxes June $13.00
Illusione TAA 2021 6¾” x 52 3,500 boxes TBD $15.00
Brick House Beginnings 7″ x 50 / 6″ x 60 500 boxes April $9.70–$9.80
Kristoff 685 Woodlawn Box Press 6¼” x 54 800 boxes March $12.00
La Palina White Label 6″ x 50 1,000 boxes TBD $10.00
LFD TAA 50 Oro Edicion (Maduro/Natural) 6½” x 58 TBD Late summer $22.00–$23.00
Rocky Patel Vintage 2006 San Andreas Bala 5¾” x 58/50 500 boxes May $7.00
Villiger TAA Exclusive 2021 6″ x 52 250 boxes April $9.00

Other news from the event include a new consumer-based website, located at, as well as future in-person event dates and locations, where the group expects to return to their former format:

“TAA will hold a face-to-face event October 24-28, 2021 at Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic. TAA 2022 will be held March 20-24, 2022 at Hacienda del Mar, Los Cabos Mexico.”

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