While the Tobacconists’ Association of America annual meeting was canceled for 2020, instead being held virtually on March 25, the group’s popular Exclusive Series continues, with many of the industry’s top manufacturers crafting select sizes and cigar blends to be sold only by TAA-authorized retailers across the country.

The TAA’s exclusive releases can be divided into two categories: ongoing and limited edition. Ongoing cigars are released each year, using the same blend/size but being available only to TAA-authorized retailers. Limited edition releases, however, often showcase new cigar blends, sizes, and quantities. Together, these cigars are contained within a collection that the TAA dubs “The Exclusive Series.”

2020 Exclusive Series Program Ongoing Products

  • Alec Bradley Black Market Illicit Toro
  • Ashton VSG Robusto TAA Especial
  • Drew Estate ACID Big Bang
  • Herrera Esteli Maduro
  • Joya de Nicaragua Antaño Gran Reserva
  • Kristoff TAA 49 Salomon
  • La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Reserva Belicoso
  • Padrón 1964 Toro TAA Exclusive

2020 Exclusive Series Limited Edition Products

AJF Bellas Artes Maduro6½” x 521,000 boxesMarch/April$10.00
CLE “The Graduate”6″ x 50/54250 boxesMay$14.00
Crowned Heads The Lost Angel 20206″ x 521,000 boxesMay$11.75
EPC Encore 6566″ x 56750 boxesMay$13.25
CAO Expedition6⅛” x 501,200 boxesMay$9.50
JC Newman Brick House Ciento Por Ciento6¼” x 54800 boxesMay$7.40
Kristoff San Andres Box Press ToroToro500 boxesMay$9.80
LFD TAA 52nd Oro 50 Tercera Edición (Natural | Maduro)6½” x 58 ChiselBy demandSep/Oct$22–$24
La Palina White Label6″ x 501,000 boxesMay$10.00
La Aurora TAA Exclusivo 20206″ x 54500 boxesApril$16.00
My Father The Judge TAA Exclusive5¼” x 521,500 boxesApril$11.00
Nat Sherman Timeless Black Ltd TAA 20206″ x 50650 boxesApril$12.00
Rocky Patel TAA Exclusivo6″ x 521,000 boxesMay$12.50
Tatuaje TAA Exclusive Series 52nd5⅝” x 54 (10th Anv.)3,000 boxesApril$11.95
Villiger 1888 Edicion Regional USA6″ x 54500 boxesApril$9.00
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