In what might be one of the longest names to adorn a cigar, today we review the Nestor Miranda Special Selection Danno 2012. The Danno is a Miami Cigar Company release and it features a interesting San Andres Mexican maduro wrapper. I say interesting because this wrapper is a nice chocolate brown yet when you look at this cigar is the sunlight it has a grayish oily sheen to it. It looks like the oils from the tobacco have risen to the surface and are coating the wrapper, it’s really an appetizing looking stogie. The Danno weighs in at 7×56 and comes topped with a neat little pig tail.

Nestor Miranda Special Selection Danno 2012 cigar rating

After toasting and lighting the first thing that hit me was a really nice pepper zing that coated my tongue and traveled down the back of my throat. The draw is snug but I am getting plenty of satisfying smoke therefore I am a happy camper. After the initial zing of pepper the cigar settles into a nice nutty, spicy, flavor with some musty wood notes on the finish. I’m enjoying these flavors a great deal. As I smoke the Danno I can’t help but think it reminds me of a My Father cigar which makes sense because it’s produced at the My Father Cigar Factory in Esteli.

Nestor Miranda Special Selection Danno 2012 cigar review

The burn on the Danno is razor sharp and the ash is firm telling me the construction is spot on. This Nestor is medium strength yet full flavored. With the gorgeous appearance of this cigar and the complex flavors you might expect this cigar to come in around $15 to $18 but this cigar is priced at an extremely reasonable $10. As I worked my way down to the halfway point and beyond the spicy nutty flavor shifts to a bit more of a coffee flavor yet it still has that spicy hint to it. It’s kind of like having a coffee with nutmeg sprinkled on top. The Nestor Miranda Special Selection Danno 2012 is a balanced offering as none of the flavors overpower your palette yet each one taking their turn on stage.

Nestor Miranda Special Selection Danno 2012

Would I smoke this cigar again? Absolutely. This is a long burning cigar, you could easily get an hour and a half out of it, possibly more if you were really gentle on it. The flavors are pleasant, the construction is great, it’s an all-around satisfying cigar.

Nestor Miranda Special Selection Danno 2012
Solid in every category the Nestor Miranda Special Selection Danno 2012 is a tasty stick.
  • Coffee & nutmeg flavors
  • Oily wrapper
  • Solid performance
  • Hard to find
  • Could use more strength
88%Coffee & Nutmeg
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