If you are like me and you love a really great cigar that’s somewhat “off the radar” you will love the Viva Republica Rapture. The Rapture is an off-shoot of the La Aurora company, therefore it’s a Dominican and features a gorgeous Ecuadorian wrapper. I enjoy when the wrapper of a cigar still looks like a tobacco leaf. Some cigars are so “polished” that it can be hard to tell that it’s actually made from the leaf of a plant. Not so of the Rapture, this cigar has a really cool rustic look. The wrapper is a beautiful, light, leather, tan color and the label is a stylish and understated, yet modern design. I can’t wait to smoke this thing!

Viva Republica Rapture cigar review and rating

BOOM! Right off the bat the Rapture features a perfect draw and a massive amount of smoke is filling my mouth with each draw. The Rapture instantly has my attention, it’s great when a cigar smacks you in the face right off the bat. The Rapture doesn’t smack you with raw power, but instead hits you with lots of satisfying smoke and flavor.  The flavors are all on the soft leather side, like what you would expect from smelling a soft new baseball mitt. There is also a subtle salty, savory cashew flavor, which is really intriguing.

Viva Republica Rapture cigar rating

The construction on the Rapture is rock solid. The burn is great (not razor sharp but steady as can be) and I just can’t get over the great draw and the nice amount of satisfying smoke the Rapture  is producing. This isn’t a strong cigar, it’s a solid medium from beginning to end. The funny thing is, I typically prefer the really strong cigars but there is something about this Rapture that keeps pulling me in. The flavors are all subtle and balanced and as I neared the end point of the Rapture, the leathery flavors are joined with some warm milk chocolate, which was a great way to finish. Long after I was done with the Rapture, I was still thinking about it, mainly because of the great draw and satisfying amount of smoke.

Would I smoke this cigar again? Yes! This is the perfect “morning cigar”. Grab yourself a cup of coffee and fire up a Rapture, as it will be the perfect combination. For under $10 and with such great construction, this is a strong value, especially for folks that appreciate more subtle flavors.

Viva Republica Rapture cigar review rating

Viva Republica Rapture
Plenty of satisfying smoke but nothing too complex or compelling. Probably a good choice with a morning cup of coffee.
  • Plenty of smoke
  • Savory flavors
  • Funky burn line
85%Morning Smoke
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