You don’t claim two of the top three spots on Cigar Dojo’s year-end list on your first go-round and not take home the Brand of the Year award as well… Ferio Tego was unquestionably the talk of 2021, beginning with the company’s announcement in the first week of January and slowly but surely rolling out over the year—culminating with the grand finale release of the highly anticipated Ferio Tego cigars in the fall.

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Such unprecedented hype was due to the company’s founders, Michael Herklots and Brendon Scott, both of which had formerly worked to elevate Nat Sherman from its role as a historic tobacconist to one of the most beloved brands in humidors across the country. With Nat Sherman shutting down in 2020, the duo were not satisfied letting its brands be written off, acquiring its most prominent names and continuing their production under the Ferio Tego banner. The year was not without hiccups, with multiple delays (including the lack of cigars for the annual trade show) causing concern as to whether cigar enthusiasts would see product by year’s end. Needless to say, Ferio Tego delivered, shipping nearly all former Nat Sherman brands, as well as the ultra-premium Ferio Tego, which includes the Generoso (No. 3 Cigar of the Year) and Elegancia (No. 1 Cigar of the Year) blends.

Now we’re just awaiting the re-release of the Epoca (Cigar Dojo’s No. 1 Cigar of the Year for 2014), and all will be right with the world.

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