Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’
Into the future
Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’
Into the future

I wanna fly like an eagle
To the sea
Fly like an eagle
Let my spirit carry me

Steve Miller Band

For the second time in my history as a reviewer, I have scrapped my draft to an alternate introduction. The truth is, there is something about this cigar that always reminded me of my aunt Lynn. She had that radiance. That funk. That Soul. She always looked like a poster child for ’80s, even back in the ’70s. I’m using the past tense here because she died early this morning – 7/25/2020. She fought several illnesses off over the last decade. She made a point to like all my cigar podcast posts on social media, but I highly doubt she ever watched one straight through. She was beautiful. She was kind. The kind of lady that you chat with for hours about anything. Damn, she was fly. Rest in peace, Aunt Lynn.

It’s quite possible that this may be one of the more uniquely marketed cigars to ever be produced. This can be evidenced by only a single glance at the Oscar Valladares Super Fly. This is a pretty bold statement, considering unique is practically Valladares’ calling card. The iconic Leaf by Oscar first captured consumers attention in 2013 and had bystanders using that cringe-worthy word associated with cigars: gimmick. But, as Valladares has proved time over time, there is nothing gimmicky about his cigars. The look may not be traditional, but the smoking experience time over time has delivered those traditional flavors.

Honduras, unfortunately, plays third fiddle a lot of the time to the other non-Cuban, dominant, cigar-producing countries: Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. But Valladares, among others, is putting Honduran tobacco back on the map in a big way. Valladares’ cigars are fast and furiously becoming one of the most requested cigars when you walk into your local brick and mortar. And the Super Fly Maduro is among of them.

Super Fly Maduro Super Toro Breakdown

  • Wrapper: Mexican San Andrés
  • Binder: Honduras
  • Filler: Honduras | Nicaragua | Dominican Republic
  • Factory: Oscar Valladares Tobacco & Co. (Honduras)
  • Production: Regular Production
  • Vitola: 6″ × 54 (Toro)
  • Price: $10.50 (MSRP)

While Valladares is loyal to Honduras, in almost all of his blends, he does dabble here and there with tobaccos from other regions. This certainly holds true with Super Fly. In fact, it is his most multi-national blend to date. The cigar does contain Honduran tobacco in the filler, along with Dominican and Nicaraguan additions. The binder is also Honduran and the cigar is wrapped in a lush, dark chocolate-hued Mexican San Andrés leaf.


Every so often, a cigar is so perfectly and aptly named. Everything, from box to label, make it a match to boot. The label of Super Fly is exactly that. Disco-themed and colored a vibrant purple, the words “Super Fly” are embossed on a black background. The Oscar Valladares name in gold font sits atop the label on same background. The “F” in “Fly” is elongated and drops below the rest of the word as the label continues at a downward angle. As previously mentioned, the rich, almost black wrapper has some sheen, but not overtly so. The aromas coming off the foot and wrapper are very sweet notes of chocolate and peanuts.

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Smoking Experience

As per usual, I cut the cap with a guillotine cutter, taking in the dry draw. The sweetness of chocolate is in the dry draw as well, but there is a mixture of caramel, vanilla, peanuts, and a hint of pepper. I toast the foot and the aroma from the smoke is also sweet. As the cigar begins to smoke, the first few puffs coat the palate with that rich chocolate sweetness that finishes a bit fruity, with hints of fig and dark cherry. The retrohale is sans spice though, and is instead full of earthiness, which provides a pleasant and smooth balance to the sweetness.

The cigar progresses with an active change from sweetness to delightful notes of peanuts, nutmeg, and leather. The retrohale also morphs into a nice spice-filled note of pepper and coriander. The finish isn’t terribly long, but the mouthfeel is very pleasant—it beckons for another puff as soon as possible. The trouble with cigars that give you this type of yearning is that they have a tendency to burn hot, because you’re puffing hard on it. That is not the case with Super Fly. I do have to make a conscience effort to back off, however. The smoke remains cool with some creaminess adding another dimension to the peanut note.

Super Fly Maduro Super Toro review

The burn of the cigar does require a little touching up, but the draw is superb. The ash doesn’t hold very long, however, I think it’s worth noting that in the small vitola (corona), I was able to hold my ash considerably longer. With the ash being as flaky and distracting as it is, I’m shocked that the smoke has been able to remain so cool.

The conclusion of this cigar brings the leather note to the forefront, as the peanut takes a backseat. The aroma of the smoke is still cool and sweet. The finish is extremely balanced from mouthfeel to retrohale.

Super Fly Maduro Super Toro cigar ash

Would I Smoke This Cigar Again?

Absolutely. In fact, I’m searching around right now for another one.

  • Flavor: Full
  • Strength: Medium / Full
  • Body: Medium / Full
Core Flavors
  • Peanuts
  • Leather
  • Chocolate
  • Smoke Time: 1 hour, 30 minutes
  • Pairing Recommendation: Ballast Point Peanut Butter Victory at Sea | Milk stout | Añejo rum | Café Americano | Patty melt on dark rye | Brazillian nuts
  • Purchase Recommendation: Buy a box

Super Fly Maduro Super Toro cigar nub finished

Super Fly Maduro Super Toro
From beginning to end, this cigar is a delight. The packaging and marketing is fun and unique, and to be honest, I typically don’t go for over-the-top packaging like this. However, I love it on the Super Fly. The cigar performs exceptionally well. There’s some construction flaws, but they are easily overshadowed by the flavor. Rich, bold, and straight soul.
  • Complexity thoughout
  • Textbook draw
  • Unique retrohale
  • Frequent touch-ups
  • Flaky ash
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