Amongst a flurry of newfound attention to the Jas Sum Kral brand in 2019, brought on through the category-breaking introduction of the Nuggs brand (a premium cigar / CBD crossover), the company still managed to innovate in a more traditional sense as well, introducing their most full-bodied brand to date: Tyrannical Buc.

The cigars’ concept plays on the tyrannical force that the blend intends to impose upon the palates of smokers; this combines with company owner, Riste Ristevski’s, nickname (Buc) to form the brand’s unorthodox moniker. Tyrannical Buc is offered in both Maduro and Connecticut variants, with the prior shipping in early spring, 2019, and the latter following roughly a month later.

JSK Tyrannical Buc Connecticut Generosos cigar band

Tyrannical Buc Connecticut Generosos Breakdown

  • Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut
  • Binder: Nicaragua (Jalapa)
  • Filler: Pennsylvania | Nicaragua (Condega & Estelí)
  • Factory: Tabacalera de Aragon S.A. (Nicaragua)
  • Production: Regular Production
  • Vitola: 5½” x 40 “Generosos”
  • Price: $8.20 (MSRP)

Both versions of Tyrannical Buc are said to consist of the same high-intensity core blend, secured beneath Ecuadorian Connecticut or Connecticut Broadleaf wrappers. This includes a double ligero filler from the U.S. and Nicaragua (though it is unclear which portions use ligero primings) and a Nicaraguan binder from the Jalapa growing region. The cigars are offered in the same four sizes, be it Connecticut or Maduro, with price points ranging from $8.20 to $11.50 MSRP.


Jas Sum Kral (JSK) has become one of the more prominent names in craft-smoking circles, and it is no surprise that Tyrannical Buc is offered in a precise 5½” x 40 format. Straight away, the size has connoisseur written all over it, falling somewhere between a corona and a petit corona. The wrapper is dark for its style; if I hadn’t known it was Connecticut seed, I’d have pegged it as Habano. This wrapper leaf is attractive overall, having a bronze-like hue, thin veins, and uniformity from head to toe. The cigar feels sturdy, seeming to have a medium-firm to firm bunch and being finished with a double cap.

The Connecticut wrapper’s aroma is what I’d describe as classic, with musky, tangy notes, barnyard, and touches of citrus rind. On the foot there are added scents of earth, cinnamon, nutmeg, and generic florals. A straight cut reveals a draw on the firm side, showing notes of grass, peppercorn, and herbed crackers.

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Smoking Experience

Tyrannical Buc Connecticut Generosos wastes absolutely no time in development (Generosos is a rather small footprint, after all), soaking the tongue with an oily, melted butter sensation. There are crackers on the finish and the smoke begins tacking on new flavor components seemingly with each puff, the most notable being that of bitter-sweet caramel corn. Sweetness, saltiness, and spice are all available, working together in satisfying unison.

The smoking draw is similar to the pre-light, unfortunately on the firm side; however, it is not quite as tight and seems to be improving slowly. This leads to frequent or exaggerated, long puffs in an effort to pull a satisfying amount of flavor and smoke. The profile caters to flavor (medium-plus), with body and strength coasting casually in the background (both operating around medium-light). Flavors are clean and slightly bitter on the palate, lighting up the bitter (back-center), salt (front sides), and sweet (tip) portions of the tongue.

JSK Tyrannical Buc Connecticut Generosos cigar ash

While the palate is clean and bitter—classic descriptors of the Connecticut smoking style—Tyrannical Buc Connecticut simply does not feel like you’re smoking one. It performs like a cross between Connecticut and Habano, being refined yet much weightier than a conventional Connecticut. Cinnamon and white peppercorn inject the profile with a more lively sensation, adding depth to the retrohale, where the Connecticut style often falls flat for many smokers. Melted salted butter is still at the core, with a creaminess taking over in the finish as the cigar’s draw begins to loosen up.

With the draw now well within a preferable zone, the cigar’s criticisms are few. The burn line is straight, the light gray ash is neatly stacked, and the smoke output is gaining. A pinchy musk reaffirms the cigar’s pre-light characteristics, adding fuel to the cigar’s bias toward Cuban-esque qualities over Connecticut. It is a fully retrohalable smoke, having just the right amount of stinging spice, like finding the ideal proportion of horseradish to compliment a meal. Meanwhile, the room aroma is pleasant from the cigar’s wispy smoke, with notes of roasted nuts, florals, and general baking spices.

The final portion of the cigar is surprisingly dense with flavors, beginning with creamy cashews and bananas. This section also has moments of astringencies that seem to bob in and out until the final puff. Not to be distracted, pleasant flavors can still be gained, with the astringent character sometimes embodying palatable qualities of bitter herbs, toasted sourdough bread, or buttermilk. The final flavors are positive, with natural pine leading to a long finish of peanut shells, lasting well after the embers extinguish.

JSK Tyrannical Buc Connecticut Generosos review

Would I Smoke This Cigar Again?

I have and I will… the only problem is, they’re a bit hard to come by, especially in this size. The value is great and the smoke time is surprisingly long; for me, it’s a box purchase (minimum).

Additional Info
  • This, the Generosos size, smokes far superior to the other vitolas in the collection, in my opinion.
  • Tyrannical Buc is among the first new brands from JSK after changing factories in early 2018 (formerly handled by Noel Rojas’ New Order of the Ages factory in Nicaragua).
  • Owner, Riste Ristevski, has since shown off new band designs for Tyrannical Buc that move away from the simplified nature of the current band.
  • Riste Ristevski earned the nickname “Buc” as a kid due to his buck teeth, a name that has stuck to this day.

  • Flavor: Medium-plus
  • Strength: Medium-light
  • Body: Medium
Core Flavors
  • Melted salted butter
  • Caramel corn
  • Musk
  • Cream
  • Bitter herbs
  • Peanut shells
  • Smoke Time: 1 hour, 25 minutes
  • Pairing Recommendation: Butterbeer | Wheated bourbon | Chocolate chip cookies (sans the chips) | Cappuccino
  • Purchase Recommendation: Box

JSK Tyrannical Buc Connecticut Generosos cigar nub finished

Tyrannical Buc Connecticut
Tyrannical Buc Connecticut Generosos is blended and sized for the enthusiast and the resulting experience does not disappoint. I always feel the need to provide a disclaimer when addressing the modernized amped-up Connecticut: this descriptor doesn't necessarily reference the cigar's strength, but its body or flavor as well. In the case of the Tyrannical Buc Connecticut, this applies to the flavor primarily, with body trailing just behind. The cigar really doesn't even smoke like a Connecticut, showing attributes more in line with a classic Cuban. Its standout flavor is clearly its melted butter flavor, overflowing nearly from start to finish. Outside of a slightly firm draw (primarily during the cigar's first half), there are very little criticisms that can be thrown at it. What's impressive is that it amps the flavor and body without losing balance—not being overly spicy, as some modern-day Connecticuts tend to do in an effort to be sure the smoker is fully aware they're engaging in a new-school experience. I don't get that feeling at all with the Buc Connecticut—just clean and balanced, oily flavor.
  • Great balance of salt/spice/sweetness
  • Dense, concentrated highlight flavor of melted salted butter
  • Complexity and intensity push boundaries of Connecticut style
  • Draw is on the firm side
  • Final third has astringent qualities
  • Steve Saka Cigars
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