During the journey of the cigar hobbyist, the humidor can often be used as a measuring stick—gauging the enthusiast’s progress along the way. Fifty-count desktop devices are often the first choice, though smokers will quickly realize the necessity for more substantial repositories. Still hesitant—or simply lacking the funds for wall-lining cabinets and walk-in humidors—most will begin delving into the world of makeshift humidors. Jaridors, tupperdors, coolidors, and wineadors are par for the course, often constructed in that order.

It’s all about finding the right balance of price, volume, ease of access, and function. With jaridors, tupperdors, and coolidors essentially differing only in price and volume, it is the wineador that becomes the end goal for many avid enthusiasts. The most glaring perk of the wineador is its cooling capabilities, but automated airflow and the ease of tiered storage are also draws.

Due to the popularity of wine coolers turned humidors, a growing number of manufacturers have now taken to the style, pre-assembling the units for a more polished, cigar-tailored experience. This is the case with the NewAir CC-300H, a 400-count humidor that takes the wineador concept to new heights.

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NewAir CC-300H humidor drawer front

NewAir CC-300H Breakdown

  • Style: Wineador
  • Finish: Black / Stainless Steel
  • Exterior Dimensions: 18.3″ × 29.25″ × 20.88″
  • Volume: 2.6 ft3
  • Capacity: 400 (Manufacturer Suggested)
  • Levels: 7
  • Price: $549.95 (MSRP)
  • Warranty: Limited (1 year)

NewAir CC-300H is the most advanced humidor from NewAir—a company that focuses on various heating/cooling appliances. With a capacity of 400 cigars, the unit is the largest currently available from NewAir. But it is the device’s Opti-Temp™ climate-controlled capabilities that set it apart from other cooler-style humidors on the market. Where conventional wine coolers only have cooling capabilities, the CC-300H can heat as well, allowing for the dialed-in consistency that premium cigars require.

NewAir CC-300H humidor front closed

Key Features

  • Opti-Temp™ climate control (heating/cooling)
  • Full glass front door
  • Interior light
  • Customizable high-quality cedar shelves/drawers
  • Key/lock set
  • Adjustable feet for leveling

While some of the unit’s key features can be found in wine coolers, there are two aspects that were particularly appealing, as far as Cigar Dojo’s needs were concerned: climate control and custom-build cedar shelves.

Climate Control

With Cigar Dojo Studios being located in a free-standing building, it was never before a possibility to store cigars in the studio, with our local Denver climate being far too drastic for proper cigar storage. A traditional wine cooler may serve the purpose during the summer months (though these have often proven unreliable for cooling), but the cigars would have to be moved during six-plus months each year. NewAir CC-300H is capable of heating and cooling, with a digital thermostat adjustable to one-degree increments between 54° and 74° F.

In our tests, CC-300H was capable of maintaining our desired temperature within a range of about 10°, even as outdoor temperatures reached lows of 18° F. Using both Wi-Fi-capable and traditional hygrometers, we found that the temperature averaged at around 64°, with the humidor set at its highest temperature (74°). During the month and a half of testing, our local climate averaged at about 56° (high) and 37° (low).

NewAir warns in their user manual that the CC-300H is not intended for use in garages/sheds, as outdoor conditions can be too extreme for accurate results. In our case, the detached building where the humidor was kept was not heated but sufficiently insulated. In our opinion, the CC-300H is best suited for detached smoking lounges (hence the need for heating/cooling), so long as they are properly insulated. But hobbyists should be forewarned that the manufacturer states, “It is recommended humidor be installed in an area where the ambient temperature is between 50°- 80°F.” It appears that storage in extreme weather conditions negates the humidor’s one-year warranty.

NewAir CC-300H humidor readings

The above graph shows the readings throughout the majority of our testing period (using a SensorPush hygrometer). During the first two weeks, the unsteady results show the seasoning process, where open containers of distilled water were used to bring the humidity as high as possible (aiming for around 80% RH). As you can see, this was not very effective; we eventually transitioned to a water-soaked sponge, which boosted humidity dramatically (around March 23rd). Cigars were then added around April 7th, dropping the humidity briefly before stabilizing shortly thereafter. Humidity and temperature have since maintained a steady average of 69% and 66° F respectively, during the most recent week of testing.

NewAir CC-300H humidor temperature gauge

Spanish Cedar

Shelving can oftentimes be the most challenging aspect of building a DIY wineador. These shelves have to be custom built, meaning you’ll need the right tools and the ability to find true Spanish cedar—which is both tricky to track down and surprisingly expensive. NewAir’s system arrives with well-made Spanish cedar shelves (four shelves and two drawers). This is the most optimal wood for cigar storage, known to repel tobacco beetles, as well as providing a suitable aroma to aid in the overall smoking experience. These shelves/drawers are nearly fully customizable, allowing hobbyists to position them in almost any configuration (although the drawers cannot be positioned on the top two or three slots, due to the positioning of the humidor’s cooling mechanism).

NewAir CC-300H humidor shelf NewAir CC-300H humidor drawer cedar


The CC-300H has an overall attractive design, with a clear, full-glass front door display allowing for easy cigar viewing without unnecessarily releasing precious humidity. Where most wine coolers also have this feature, they are typically blacked out, as sunlight is undesirable for wine storage.

There is also a blue LED light, which can be activated by a button on the front of the display. This can be somewhat helpful (and it adds to the overall appearance), though the light essentially only reaches the top shelf.

Like most wine fridges, the CC-300H has adjustable feet (screwing in or out), being fairly easy to obtain a level setup.

There is a lock and key set (two keys), which works easily and as expected. Although, we found that the top of the humidor’s door is still able to open slightly (with the lock being located on the floor-side of the device); which would only be a problem in the bizarre instance that this portion was held open to allow the escape of humidity…

Finally, the device arrives with a plastic container, where a humidification device can be stored (we recommend Heartfelt beads or crystal-type kitty litter).

NewAir CC-300H humidor openNewAir CC-300H humidor open drawers

NOTE: after reviewing the NewAir CC-300H, we were so impressed by the humidor’s results that we have negotiated an added discount for Dojo members.

Use coupon code 20MASTERSENSEI to save 20% off your NewAir CC-300H order (discount of $110).

*NewAir is not a Cigar Dojo advertiser and is no way affiliated with Cigar Dojo.

NewAir CC-300H

NewAir CC-300H is a turn-key setup for cigar enthusiasts looking to store their collections in any environment—hot, cold, and anywhere in between. Capable of both heating and cooling (as opposed to the conventional wineador setup), this humidor allows for stable and predictable storage conditions—crucial factors for proper storage of premium cigars (especially when long-term aging is the objective). CC-300H can be adjusted by one-degree increments between 54° and 74° F; in Cigar Dojo's testing, the set temperature maintained within 10° of the desired setting (even while outside temperatures reached lows of 18°). While this system is nearly flawless, it would be nice to have some sort of indicator as to when the device is actively heating or cooling; perhaps a discrete red/blue light.

With a maximum capacity of 400 cigars (we recommend not exceeding two-thirds of a humidor's maximum capacity), CC-300H can handle most casual hobbyist's collections with ease; this includes both boxes and individual cigars. The humidor may be more expensive than some would like, however, we believe the ease of use and "it factor" of consistent temperature makes the purchase an absolute no-brainer.

Purchase Recommendation

Must-buy for those with smoking lounges in less-than-perfect conditions!

Temperature Stability93%
Humidity Stability96%
  • Finally, a solution for both cooling AND heating
  • Quality-made Spanish cedar
  • Drawers are large enough to place robustos and toros end to end
  • Temperature can be up to 10° off if humidor isn't stored in climate-controlled location
  • Door can still be opened to a fair degree when locked
  • No heating/cooling indicator
94%Climate Change
  • Cigar Wars cigar ratings
  • Steve Saka Cigars
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