There are many reasons why you would want extra storage for cigars and in my case it was the lucky situation that I had managed to buy some old Cuban cigars, that had not been stored particularly well, at a decent price.

I was concerned that my existing humidors could be “sucked dry” by these interlopers, so I wanted additional storage that would have perfect humidity to slowly re-humidify these glorious old sticks.

A coolidor would be too big, and yet another humidor too expensive…

A jar that has been modified to store fine cigars and tobacco at the desired relative humidity

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A jaridor seemed to me the perfect solution and, as it could assist the “dojo nation”, I decided to photograph the project and write this How-To, particularly as it would assist those guys new to cigars who wanted a cheap solution for cigar storage to start them off.

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More importantly, it struck me that they make ideal quarantine containers for cigar-bombs/PIFs – just to make sure there are no cigar beetles or other nasties before the cigars join your prized collection.

Anyway, here goes…

Found this plastic jar with a clip lock and rubber seal in my local supermarket ($19 – £12.00).

Jar used to create a cigar jaridor humidor

I bought a hygrometer ($14 – £8.50) from my local B&M with small holes in the rear, where the air to be measured enters… although, a digital would probably be even better!

Hygrometer used for cigar jaridor humidor

I then marked the center of the lid and drilled a small pilot hole.

Mark the center pilot hole cigar jaridor

Carefully measure the rear of the hygrometer and drill a hole in the lid to push fit.

Tools used to drill hole cigar jaridor

I used a tank cutter here, size 41mm and used a file, exacto knife, and glasspaper to remove all burrs to ensure a perfect fit.

Hole used for cigar hygrometer in jaridor humidor


Carefully fit the hygrometer, and then the fun stuff starts… Adding the Spanish Cedar.

Search your wife’s cupboards for a plate or bowl or container that fits inside the base of the jaridor and use it to mark out a circle on an old cigar box lid.

Fitting size for cedar floor cigar jaridor

I was lucky enough to have a Montecristo Especial box from the late 1990s – so perfect.

A quick cut with the jigsaw and a sand down and you are good to go.

Spanish cedar used for cigar jaridor humidor

Fit the cedar in the base and fit the hygrometer and you are nearly finished.

Finished project cigar jaridor humidor

Humidity source is the next question and I decided on a Xikar Drymistat tube ($16 – £10), but again there are many options and good old Boveda packs would also be a great solution.

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Clean out the jaridor and wipe the cedar with distilled water. Top up the humidity source with more distilled water and put it in the jaridor until the humidity is stable.

Then load that baby up!

Seal the lid and enjoy the fruits of your handiwork.

Cigar jaridor humidor filled with cigars

Cost all in: $49 – £30 for perfectly humidified cigars… Good deal

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