CAO has kicked off a virtual tour of the Pan-American Highway—the world’s longest “motorable road”—which spans the northern and southern-most countries of the Americas. Led by Rick Rodriguez, master blender and the face of the brand, CAO’s tour will span from April to December, 2018.

The concept begins in North America and winds its way through the path carved by the great Pan-American Highway, elaborating on the many diverse tobaccos used throughout CAO blends.

He’ll make his way virtually through the jungles, mountains and deserts of Central America, ultimately taking a spur of the highway to end in the sub-tropical South American paradise of Brazil.

CAO will also be announcing details on new blends throughout the process, as well as engaging activities such as a video game and sweepstakes—with prizes being awarded at the end of May, July and September. There will also be an accompanying physical tour, where Rick Rodriguez will visit shops across the U.S. The tour will last the same time frame as CAO’s virtual tour, with special prizes and Pan Am Tour-exclusive cigars blended by Rick and the CAO team.

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With CAO, our blends encompass so many countries and growing regions, it’s sometimes hard for people to keep track of what they’re smoking. The Pan Am tour gives me the chance to share my insights into the tobaccos we select for CAO cigars, and connect our fans with the lengths we go to develop our blends.Rick Rodriguez, CAO
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