Warped has quickly become my favorite cigar brand over the last year. True, a ‘favorite’ cigar brand doesn’t mean much. They could still be my favorite brand and produce terrible cigars. But that’s the thing—they don’t. In fact, I don’t believe they have made anything short of a great cigar yet. Now that’s impressive.

A month ago, I reviewed the La Hacienda by Warped, and absolutely loved it. After the review, I told myself I had to try the rest of their lines… and I did, except one (I’m sorry, El Oso). Every single cigar was top notch and delicious, especially the Don Reynaldo!

Today brings me to the Futuro, one particular release I have been greatly anticipating in reviewing. The Futuro is the first cigar joint-created by Kyle Gellis (owner of Warped) and Max Fernandez (Son of Eduardo Fernandez of Aganorsa/Casa Fernandez). Now, Casa Fernandez has already been producing multiple lines for Warped, but they haven’t ‘officially’ collaborated on a project together. Kyle reached out to Max and insisted they created a new blend for Warped, and insisted on using tobacco only from the ‘Vault’. The Vault, as you may have figured, being Casa Fernandez’s prized tobacco from the Fernandez Aganorsa farms, where it is greatly revered and protected. Lucky for us, Max agreed.

Warped Futuro Selección Suprema cigar

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Futuro Breakdown

  • Wrapper: Nicaraguan Corojo ‘99
  • Binder: Nicaraguan Criollo ‘98
  • Filler: Nicaraguan Criollo ’98 | Nicaraguan Corojo ‘99
  • Factory: Casa Fernandez TABSA (Nicaragua)
  • Production: Not specified (potentially a new vitola each year)
  • Vitola: 5 ⅝” x 46 “Selección Suprema” corona gorda
  • Price: $ 8.75

Besides having some superb flavor profiles throughout their lines, Warped is also well-known for attractive presentations. Although some aren’t quite as exquisite as others—e.g. Don Reynaldo compared to El Oso—but none are distasteful by any stretch of the imagination. I particularly like the Futuro. A retro-futuristic/steam punk vibe inspired by the likes of Tomorrow Land, with matte complimentary colors of blue, red, and gold. The cigar itself is also very attractive, with a beautiful golden brown Corojo wrapper, tightly packed roll, and a small amount of tooth surrounding.

Smoking Experience

The cold draw reveals a decent resistance, with a little cedar and earth resting on my tongue. After a very gentle toasting, the Futuro releases a blast of smoke with an impressive collection of flavors. Cedar, leather, herbal spices, pepper, and sweet wood form a great start to the cigar.

A few minutes in, and a smooth cream and musty cocoa join in on the draw, with similar flavors from the start still on the finish. The body is full, with strong flavor and a decent amount of strength already detected. The retro-hale brings in more spices—a small amount of licorice with hints of coffee and herbs. There is also a saltiness that is detectable on the draw, but sadly dies away with the heavy finish.

Warped Futuro Selección Suprema corona gorda cigar review

Halfway through and the Futuro is burning perfectly—a continued surplus of smoke, complimented by a superb draw, matched with a razor sharp burn line. The flavors haven’t made any big changes yet, although more wood and earth come in on the finish, overtaking the other, more delicate tones.

The Futuro has proven quite impressive thus far. Its medium, but not-too-small size, matched with an excellent draw, delivers a very rewarding smoke—not to mention, fantastic flavor. Nothing transitional has taken place, but there is a vast array of flavors to be enjoyed here. Towards the end, the sweetness picked back up, and made a perfect match for what most cigars leave as a harsh finish.

Would I smoke this cigar again?

Without a second’s hesitation. It may not be quite as exquisite and rare as other releases such as the Don Reynaldo, but to me it is equally enjoyable for what it is. A fantastic cigar.

Warped Futuro cigar review and rating

Warped Futuro
Warped Cigars have accomplished what only a handful of brands have. They have a full lineup of diverse cigars, every one deserving a smoke and a spot in anyone’s humidor for their own right. The Futuro is no exception. A blend created by two masterminds of tobacco, with unwarranted access to the esteemed Vault of Casa Fernandez; it’s no question why this is one impressive cigar, well worth the addition to Warped’s regular releases.
  • Superb Bouquet
  • Sexy
  • Never a Harsh Note
  • Not very complex
  • Smoke thins towards the end
90%A Bright Future
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