Regis Broersma General Cigar Co. PresidentScandinavian Tobacco Group sets new management for its handmade cigar business.

Regis Broersma becomes new President of General Cigar Company which is a leader in the US market for handmade and premium cigars. He succeeds Dan Carr who has stepped down and leaves the Group.

Regis Broersma (38) is Dutch born and has a comprehensive, international background in sales, marketing and general management. Regis Broersma has worked in the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Denmark, the UK and the US. Currently, he is Managing Director of STG Ger- many. Regis Broersma has worked in the cigar industry since 2002 and has a great passion for cigars.

Craig Reynolds General Cigar Co. Executive Vice PresidentIn addition, Scandinavian Tobacco Group assigns the responsibility of its entire, global, hand-made cigar businesses to an Executive Vice President. Craig Reynolds assumes this responsibility, which includes General Cigar, its international business, and Cigars International, which is a leading online retailer in the US. Craig Reynolds continues as President for Cigars International.

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I am happy to announce Regis Broersma being new President of General Cigar. Regis has the experience and the innovative approach needed to continue the impressive development of General Cigar together with its management team.

Our handmade cigar business accounts for 25% of our net sales and is a growth engine of our business. We want to reinforce this development by adding executive management capacity for the entire handmade business globally.Niels Frederiksen, CEO of Scandinavian Tobacco Group

General Cigar holds a leading market position and has a strong offering in the US market for handmade and premium cigars. Cigars International has built a leading position as an online retailer and a direct marketer in the premium cigars and pipe tobacco segment.

General Cigar and Cigars International continue to be run as two separate, stand-alone businesses.

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