Every year, cigar enthusiasts look forward to trying some tasty new sticks. Some from their favorite companies, some look forward to new brands, and a few look forward to those annual, limited releases. The latter is often represented by Camacho Cigars. Since 2002, Camacho has been releasing an annual blend called the Liberty Series. Each year, Camacho creates a new blend special for their beloved consumers. And while all are different in blend makeup, each cigar stands out in its own right, all worthy of the “Liberty” name.

This year is no exception—the 2015 Liberty is another beauty to behold. From its gorgeous box, sleek design, and the classic, 11/18 vitola—it’s no wonder this year has led to another successful collection of premium cigars. But what makes this year’s different, you ask? Well, first off, this is Camacho’s first all-Nicaraguan puro blend for the Liberty series.

Camacho Liberty 2015 cigar

Camacho Liberty 2015 Breakdown

  • Wrapper: Nicaraguan
  • Binder: Nicaraguan
  • Filler: Nicaraguan
  • Factory: Agroindustrias Leape S.A. (Honduras)
  • Production: Limited edition (40,000 cigars)
  • Vitola: 6″ x 48/54/48 “11/18” figurado
  • Price: $18

Camacho Liberty 2015 cigar packaging

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The boxes themselves are gorgeous, and the cigars come each individually packaged in small, cedar ‘coffins’. The red, white, and blue presentation is great, and the cigars maintain a ‘Camacho-esque’ vibe, although having a unique band compared to the company’s regular production, since the 2013 rebranding. The band has a silver Liberty Bell (yes, cracked and everything), along with a stylish red, white, and blue color scheme—all the while maintaining a very minimalistic design, true to Camacho’s new identity.

From a glance, the cigar itself looks a bit strange. The 11/18 vitola isn’t the prettiest to look at in my opinion, although the band does do a good job hiding parts of the midsection. The wrapper looks great, although there are a few sloppy seams and some large veins. The cigar’s cap reacts flawlessly to a straight cut—literally no tobacco became loose upon cutting. Not surprisingly, the cold draw has lots of cedar aroma (from the coffin), along with a good bit of citrus.

Smoking Experience

The cigar lights fast, and with a good draw, brings out a hefty amount of smoke. Cedar, citrus, pepper, and a little leather begin to envelope my senses. The flavors are full, but the body seems to be only a medium. Into the first third, I could detect bits of strength rather early on, though nothing worrisome. Added sweetness of vanilla balances out the flavors wonderfully, with little pepper and no spice yet to come out. The retro-hale is rather smooth, enhancing the notes of citrus and cedar beautifully. The draw remains steady, keeping a razor-sharp burn.

Camacho Liberty 2015 cigar review

Citrus, tang, leather, and pepper; turns out, not the greatest flavor combination. This popped up for a few puffs near the halfway mark, but luckily didn’t last long (odd though, right?). After the oddities subsided, the vanilla woke back up and helped re-balance the force (anyone?). The cigar was producing great amounts of smoke, although not quite “chewy”, but very satisfying. The ash fell on my lap in a solid, two-inch chunk.

Towards about where the middle of the band would be, the cigar makes another transition. A gentle earthy flavor comes on, joined by floral notes and some added spice. Rounding out the stick, licorice and a still, soft cedar keep the retro-hale smooth and satisfying, while the draw and burn remain perfect down to the nub.

Would I smoke this cigar again?

Yes, if someone handed it to me! Although the cigar performed great and had lots of complexity, the actual flavors weren’t exactly superb. I had no problems with the actual cigar, but at an $18 price tag, it’s hard not to expect a little bit more.

Camacho Liberty 2015 cigar review and rating

Camacho Liberty 2015
Camacho has done it yet again. I’m not sure how long they can keep up this annual release, but after 14 different cigars, they're still fun! This Nicaraguan puro well deserves its patriotic band and its spot on the Liberty shelf—though it's definitely not the best in this historic series. Although the price tag is a little high, the Liberty 2015 sure does have the presentation to back it up. But, was the fancy blue really worth the extra green?
  • Burn/Draw
  • Complex Flavor
  • Long Smoke Time
  • Price Tag
  • Occasional strange flavor combos
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