Make no mistake… Colorado is not the cigar capital of the world, heck it isn’t even a suburb. However, in its defense, the Cigar Dojo headquarters is located in Colorado, as is the annual Rocky Mountain Cigar Festival – which seems to be gaining a fair amount of momentum. Another bright spot in the Colorado cigar landscape is CZ Cigars, a cigar company spawned from the heavy metal rock band CORE ZERO. Therefore it’s only fitting that we review a cigar that emanates from right here in our own backyard.

CZ Cigars produces two blends: the medium/full bodied “Metal“, which is a dark habano maduro, and the much milder “Indie“, which is a Sumatran-wrapped stick. Both cigars are billed as “everyday smokes”, coming in at right around the 5 dollar mark. Yet they also have some pedigree being produced out of the famed Plasencia factory in Esteli Nicaragua.

Core Zero Indie Cigar Review

I have decided to smoke and review the “Indie” since I have been on a light wrapper binge as of late. The Indie isn’t a particularly fancy looking stick, featuring a standard looking band accompanied by a footband which designates the “Indie” label. If it’s not already obvious, these cigars are rock and roll themed – i.e., “Indie” and “Metal” and the company’s tagline is “Cigars that rock”. Aside from the branding, the two cigars are about as far apart visually as possible, the “Indie” is a nice, light caramel tan color and the “metal” is a very dark maduro which could easily be mistaken as an oscuro.

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Core Zero Indie Cigar Review and RatingThe “Indie” features an excellent draw with just the right amount of resistance. In fact, all aspects of this cigar’s construction were excellent in the many samples that I smoked. It’s refreshing to get a well performing stick at such a low price point.

Now on to the taste…. the Indie’s flavors are of hay, cedar, and roasted peanuts. As you work your way through the stick the peanut flavor gives way to a nice caramel almond note. If you like to retrohale your cigar, you might pick up a distinct nutmeg with the “Indie”. Everything about this cigar was pleasant. I can easily see myself using this cigar to give to friends who have never smoked before, since it has warm flavors and excellent construction.

The predominate flavor of the CORE ZERO “Indie” are hay and oats. No, I didn’t say Hall and Oates, I said “hay” and “oats” (okay, I promise that will be my only lame rock’n roll joke for this review).

Core Zero Indie Cigar Review

Core Zero Indie Cigar Rating

It’s tough not to bust out the ol’ 6 string when you are smoking an “Indie”. Hopefully for your sake you will not be in ear-shot of my guitar “skills”.

Would I smoke this cigar again?

Probably not. With the sheer massive amount of premium smokes in today’s market, this one just doesn’t have quite enough oomph or “it factor” to stand out in the crowd. This certainly isn’t a bad smoke, but I need something more to make a memorable experience.

Core Zero Indie Cigar Rating and Review

Note: our original rating of this cigar has dropped, due to further taste tests.

Core Zero Indie
The CORE ZERO Indie isn't a wildly complex, mind blowing cigar, but it's really not intended to be. Bryan Butler from CZ Cigars (also the lead singer of CORE ZERO) informed me that the company set out to make an affordable cigar that performed well, and tasted good. And I think they met that goal. My gut feel is that the average cigar smoker will probably gravitate to the "metal" since it's darker and has more strength, but for me, I preferred the lighter "Indie".
  • Great construction
  • Perfect draw
  • Not complex
  • Won't stand out in your humidor
84%Lacking oomph
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