Nomad Connecticut Fuerte cigar review
92%Maduro fan's Connecticut

Nomad Connecticut Fuerte

If you are like me, you started off smoking Connecticut cigars because they where smoother and not as abrasive on your palate. But like the majority of novice cigar smokers, your palate developed and you found yourself wanting more out of a cigar and moved on ... Read More...
Illusione *G* Gigantes cigar review
88%Long burner

Illusione *G* Gigantes

If you haven’t smoked the Illusione Rothchildes yet, then you’re a fool! In 2013 it was the #3 cigar on the Dojo’s cigar of the year rankings (at about 5 bucks a stick). So why did I lead off with that statement? Because the Gigantes blend is similar to the Ro... Read More...

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