Mild cigar lovers rejoice! No we haven’t forgot about you. Often times in the rush to find the craziest, boldest, strongest, cigars on earth the milder cigars get ignored. In fact, four years ago I would have had no interest in a mild Connecticut wrapped cigar but that was my own naivety on display. Over the past couple of years I have grown to enjoy (and in fact cherish) premium hand rolled cigars that are on the mild side, especially in the morning or early afternoon.

Jaxx LT Connecticut cigar review

Today I will be smoking the JAXX LT from Old-School Cigars who were recently acquired by La Sirena Cigars. Therefore from here on out these will be known as the JAXX LT by La Sirena Cigars. The JAXX LT is made at the Plasencia Factory in Honduras and features a creamy tan Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, Nicaraguan binder, and Honduran and Nicaraguan fillers. Slipping out of the cellophane reveals a warm grassy and hay aroma from this 6×52 Toro cigar.

A quick cut, toast, and light sent me headlong into a gorgeous green tea flavor with a near perfect draw. One nice thing about most light shade Connecticut wrapped cigars is they typically burn very evenly and the JAXX LT was certainly no exception. As I worked my way into this cigar it was clear that it was a one-note-tune but the that note was extremely delicious. The JAXX LT is all about green tea and honey, which is exactly what I am searching for to accompany my early morning cup of coffee. Later in the day I think this cigar would pair perfectly with a cold glass of fresh lemonade.

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Jaxx LT Connecticut cigar review

The ash is a perfect sandy white color and tends to fall off in a solid chunk at very unpredictable times. The flavor of the tobacco as it touches my tongue is a salty/sweet honey and the one oke is silky and very smooth – I’m sure I could inhale the smoke if I tried. If you don’t retrohale your cigar you will be missing out on the majority of very satisfying green tea and honey flavor and that would be a shame because that is where this stick shines.

I smoked my JAXX LT all the way to the nub and the flavor never changed, green tea and honey all the way.

Jaxx LT Connecticut cigar review

Would I smoke this cigar again?

I would love to smoke of these every morning. I will add the JAXX LT to my short list of favorite morning smokes which include the La Zona Connecticut and the SOSA Piramide #2 Connecticut, to name just a couple. The bottom-line is if you enjoy a mild smoke on occasion you will certainly want to give the JAXX LT a shot.

JAXX LT by La Sirena
Mild, smooth, and creamy, subtle flavors make this a great morning cigar. Great construction and unwavering flavors may lack excitement for some, but may be just what the tastebuds require for the occasion.
  • Solid burn
  • Great tobacco flavor when pressed against tongue
  • Smooth, inhalable smoke
  • Lacks progression
89%Inhalably Smooth
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