Today I will be reviewing the Hermosa Cigars Toro. This 6×52 stick features a warm tan Ecuadorian Habano wrapper draped around a Nicaraguan binder and Nicaraguan Double Ligero filler. I must admit that when I first received these cigar from Scott de la Pena (the owner of Hermosa Cigars) I really didn’t think much of them. The band isn’t necessarily striking and the box presentation was plain. But that doesn’t mean the cigar itself isn’t any good. In full disclosure I must admit the first one of these I smoked I wrote them off as just “so so”. Not bad, but certainly nothing to write home about. Then a funny thing happened and that’s where this review begins.

Hermosa Cigars Review

A couple days after my first Hermosa cigar I decided to have another one. My first vitola was a torpedo and then I tried the robusto, and then I had another torpedo and then I moved on to the toro. Something kept bringing me back to this cigar. There is a gravity about the warm full flavor of this cigar that keeps bringing me back to it. Yes, it’s true I am a sucker for habanos and this habano is something special.

The construction is excellent and features a great draw. The smoke is “chewy” and thick with flavor. The flavor profile in and of itself is subtle in that it’s not going to smack you in the face right off the bat but instead will stick in the back of your mind and lure you in for more.

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Hermosa Cigars rating

The Hermosa tastes like a spice cabinet smells. Warm clove, hazelnut, a touch of cinnamon, and a variety of unidentifiable spices. The finish is a buttery caramel that really sets my mind at ease. You can relax when smoking this cigar. For this review I paired my Hermosa with a Vanilla Porter and the pairing was absolutely luxurious.

Hermosa Cigars review

This cigar never gets harsh. You can smoke it all the way to the nub and never get a hint of tar or bitterness. It’s a well balanced cigar that’s full flavored yet medium/full in strength. It’s billed as a double ligero but I don’t find these as being over-powering at all.

Several of the Dojo staff members have also tried this cigar and we all have the same high opinion of it. It’s a solid stick that is perfect for having in the humidor when you just want to relax and have a full flavored cigar without worrying about having any bad experience whatsoever.

Hermosa Cigars review

Would I smoke this cigar again?

A wholehearted YES! In fact, I have smoked at least a half dozen now and I like them more every time I fire one up. The only down-side is these are not easy to find. In fact if you asked where you could buy some I’m not sure where I would send you. But if you do find them, buy a box or two, you will be glad you did.

Hermosa Cigars
With infectious flavor the Hermosa double ligero does well in every performance category.
  • Full flavor
  • Balanced strength
  • Thick and "chewy" smoke
  • Some inconsistencies between samples
  • Hard to find
88%Like Butter
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