It’s not the royals who count, it’s the craftsman, the craft itself that holds all worth. He slaves and perfects, getting everything just right, scrapping the whole and restarting if even the tiniest thing is wrong – not even wrong, shy of perfect. Can the craftsman and the craft be separated? He is a part of his craft because he pours his heart and soul into it. The bourgeoisie’s tastebuds are flat with the sweetest delicacies, their eyes blind to the most beautiful sights, but the craftsman understands, feels, experiences, and he’s kept one for himself, a few for his closest friends; they’ll appreciate every detail, every subtlety to pass over their senses. The generous craftsman.

Royalty doesn’t mean much to free men, other than elegance, and elegance is most appreciated by the everyman. D’ Crossier Golden Blend is nothing shy of the expectations befitting a king, but is best enjoyed by the thankful palate of those who wake early and go to bed late, by those who don’t stop until the job is done. It’s going to take a couple of hours (being that I chose the 7 1/2 x 49 Double Corona vitola), so make sure you have the time, because this is one cigar that is not to be missed.

Box of D'Crossier Golden Blend Double Corona cigars

With a medium body, looser draw, and a wrapper that holds a plethora of flavor, this stick keeps you pleasantly guessing. Sweet cream rises to the surface and caresses the tongue along subtle hints of leather; flavors that are consistent throughout, but the real fun doesn’t start until after the first inch. As the burn gets closer to the head, every couple of inches or so, the flavor changes dramatically. After the initial inch, subtle spicy notes make their appearance; after the second, Tahitian vanilla; the third, olive oil coats the tongue. D’ Crossier is balanced and smooth, retrohales like a champion, and produces fresh, vibrant flavors throughout. Just when you think you may be done for the night, take one more draw. It may be so delicious, may warm the tongue so pleasantly and burst the palate with such flavor that you’ll end up staying put and burning your fingers.

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D'Crossier Golden Blend Double Corona

This cigar is different than any other. It is so unique that it’s difficult to describe. The design is unmatched, the flavor, the care in how the wrapper is rolled, every detail was carefully teased out and not a corner was cut (any insinuation otherwise could very possibly be offensive). I have yet to see a cigar that is so beautifully crafted and the same is true of everything D’ Crossier brings to the table.

It’s nice, too, to know where the cigar comes from. While many sell stogies through flamboyant celebrity personalities, it’s refreshing to have a seller, a craftsman, who is in it solely for the purpose of creating an amazing cigar. Beyond being friendly, down to earth and all of the other adjectives we use to describe great people, above all else, Isaias Santana Diaz, much like his product, is genuine. He’s in it for the cigar – pure, untainted, the definition of quality – everything smoking should be. From the first draw to the nub (and I hardly ever nub), the details are clear in taste, aesthetics, and overall presentation. If there was something negative to say about this stick, I would save you the trouble and reveal it here, but to date, this is the best cigar I have ever smoked. So let the flavorful smoke of a D’ Crossier Golden Blend roll off the tip of your tongue, dive in and explore what such a masterfully crafted stick has to offer.

D'Crossier Golden Blend Double Corona review

Would I smoke this cigar again?

What a stupid question.

D'Crossier Golden Blend Double Corona cigar box

D'Crossier Golden Blend
The luxurious cigar has some of the most complex, warm flavor you will ever taste.
  • Complex flavor
  • Gorgeous presentation
  • Balanced profile
  • Needs relights
  • Snug draw
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