A double cigar review by the Cigar Dojo community

For our review of the Sosa Underground Habano, we decided to ask two members of the Dojo community to share their smoking experiences with this particular stick. With this “2-for-1” review strategy, we hope to gain a more broad view of the cigar and a better understanding as to what the general profile of the cigar may be.

We hope you enjoy this double review by Cigar Dojo’s own StogieDude and Deford.

Sosa Underground Habano cigar review by Jim King (aka StogieDude)

The battle of the “short length” cigars, or French Fries as we love to call them, continues. Heavy-duty contenders like Drew Estates Papas Fritas and UZI’s Bait Fish are giving cigar lovers the chance to enjoy the flavor and experience of a premium cigar in 45 minutes or less. The Sosa Underground Habano Delphic adds another choice to this growing niche market. And they do it with style!

Sosa Underground review

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This Petit Corona perfecto measures at 5 1/2 by 41 and features a beautiful Nicaraguan Habano wrapper. But this is where it gets fun! Both cap and foot are wrapped in a Connecticut wrapper piece. That’s right… the foot is completely sealed. No need to cut off the foot, your match or lighter will do that job nicely. Once I got this little beauty lit, the rich tones of nuts and chocolate immediately filled my mouth and sinuses. The retrohale on this cigar is a flavor explosion! These are marketed as full-body, but I found my cigar to be more of a high-medium stick. However, the last third of this cigar approached full-body several times. The draw was a little inconsistent, going from open to snug every so often. Smoke production was good, but not what you might find on other smaller cigars, like Papas Fritas.

The taste was classic Sosa! I got a little over 40 minutes on the Delphic. The burn was pretty consistent, only getting a little wonky at the middle.

Sosa Underground Habano cigar review

Would I smoke this cigar again? Short answer: YES, in fact, I’ve already purchased a box! At $6.50, this cigar is a real bargain! Get a box for $65 while you can. Arby Sosa, its creator, has indicated this is a “limited product”. Trust me: you don’t want to miss out on this little gem!

Sosa Underground Habano cigar review by Deford

A 5 1/2×41 perfecto with a rustic Nicaraguan Habano wrapper. The wrapper had a few veins and maybe a little tooth and the cigar felt firm with no soft spots. A pre-light taste yielded wood and cherries and a sweetness on the lips. Upon lighting I got a very sweet, overly ripe, red cherry flavor, along with some earthy wood – a very pleasant combination. The draw was perfect and produced a solid mouthful of sweet, grey smoke which had a wonderful dry, dusty feel to it. I quickly picked up a mild, peppery spice on the exhale, which tingled the lips and tongue.

Sosa Underground Delphic cigar review

The taste changed from sweet, red cherries to mildly spicy pepper on almost every draw. There were no distinct sections, only the cherries and pepper bouncing back and forth, which made for an interesting smoke. I loved the retro-hale, which left a sweet cherry taste on the lips.

The ash dropped after an inch or so and the burn was even, never requiring a touch-up. I’d say the cigar was medium to full in body and the flavors were rich and well-balanced. Overall, it was a very satisfying smoke that left me wanting another one. I paired it with a Coke but would be tempted to try a Dr. Pepper next time.

Sosa Underground Habano cigar review

Would I smoke this cigar again? I will and have! I keep a box at work, Sosa Underground makes the perfect short smoke at work during my lunch break. Try one and I’m sure you’ll agree.

Sosa Underground cigar review


Guest reviewed by Deford and StogieDude

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Sosa Underground Habano Delphic
The Sosa Underground Habano is a great choice for when you are on a short time-frame. This cigar hits it's mark in nearly every category.
  • Unique head and foot
  • Satisfying flavor
  • Burns fast
  • Inconsistent
88%Quick Smoke
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