Recently I decided to light up a boutique cigar sent over by Inception Cigars, a relatively newcomer to the cigar scene, coming out of Houston, Texas of all places. This caught my attention, a cigar manufacturer not based out of Florida or the Caribbean? Not being one to judge a cigar by its location, I thought I’d give this “taste of the South” a shot.

Of course, the Inception isn’t actually grown in Texas, these guys went to the Races Cubanas Factory in Honduras, Alec Bradley and Illusione have that much in common. Sporting tobaccos blended from just about everywhere, including a Nicaraguan wrapper, Costa Rican binder, and a tri-blended filler from Mexico, Nicaragua, and Honduras… I really didn’t know what to expect!

Inception 288 robusto cigar

For this review, I decided to go with their 288 robusto size, as this is typically the best vitola to get a grasp of what a brand has to offer. The cigar sports a dusty, rust-red wrapper that looks and smells very appealing. There are a few pronounced veins running down the length of the cigar, wrapped in a rather plain, glossy black band with embossed, red highlights. As far as presentation goes, this is not my favorite, but the smells are rather attractive, with strong chocolate, cinnamon, and fruit being very pronounced!

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Chop off the head and take a drink of Cherry Coke, because the pre-light draw is that distinct. There is a tingling spice that comes from pressing your tongue to the cut head, which is always nice. With a quick light, the Inception’s flavors will hit you rather quick, cocoa with a cherry finish. It may not be the most complex offering, but the flavors are clear in their intentions. I almost thought for a second that the cigar was infused, with a cherry/tobacco flavor so prevalent it reminded me of cherry pipe tobacco or perhaps cherry hookah shisha.Inception robusto cigar

Two thirds of the way into the Inception 288, the cigar seems to be picking up some darker flavors, adding a charred-like note to the cherry and a tarry flavor here and there. This is solved with a relight, as the burn was behaving a bit sporadically, possibly due in part to the predictably windy weather of a Colorado afternoon. Requiring quick touchups every so often, the cigar maintained a steady profile throughout, offering an interesting change of pace to the predictability of today’s cigar industry.

Would I smoke this cigar again? Depends, while this cigar may not be for everyone, the interesting flavor profile will surely please those looking for “infused-like” flavors (Acid, CAO Flavours) but not wanting something so in-your-face as your typical flavored cigar. This may be the perfect cigar to get your friends interested in hand-rolled cigars.

Inception 288 Robusto
Sadly the Inception 288 Robusto just doesn't live up to expectation.
  • Some pleasant flavors
  • Strange flavor
  • Poor construction
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