Let me start by thanking the guys at Ezra Zion for sending us a couple of these bad boys to try. The Jamais Vu is a “super boutique” cigar, as they put it. Which, if you’re like me, you’re already interested. Ezra Zion has their sights set on other Nicarauguan ultra premium cigars like Padron and Tatuaje with this Jamais Vu release, now it’s getting serious… Let’s see what this thing’s got.

Examining this cigar, you’ll notice right away it has a very interesting shape. The best way I can describe it is rectangular, that’s right, a box pressed stick that is dramatically longer on the top then on the sides. Which was great because it rested perfectly in the mouth, think San Latono Oval with a little box press. A shiny black and silver band complimented the cigar nicely, with a foot band that read: the Jamais Vu, both removed from the cigar with ease (don’t you hate when the bands tear?). The Jamais Vu is wrapped in a beautiful red-brown Corojo wrapper that barely showed a vein. So far this thing is holding up its end of the bargain.

Ezra Zion Inception Cigar

I really enjoyed the smell of this cigar, a sweet, subtle fruit with hints of coffee. The pre-draw feels nice, showing signs of cocoa and a fantastic coffee taste on the lips, I almost thought for a second it was flavored (don’t worry, it’s not).

Lighting up, the Jamais Vu is a very tasty cigar, giving initial flavors of mellow caramel and sweet cappuccino coffee, wow! There is a good amount of smoke and a nice long finish that ends with a spice on the back of your tongue. Moving down to the halfway point, I must say, this is a very creamy cigar, the flavors are now earthy, with notes of sweet coffee still present. The coffee flavors were so vivid at points, it was as if it were infused! The strength progresses nicely through this stick, starting mild to medium, and finishing medium-full. It didn’t have the most impressive burn, but it wasn’t terrible either. The ash was white and loose and the burn line wavered.

Would I smoke this cigar again?
On any given morning! I would consider this a fabulous breakfast or dessert stick (what’s the difference?) but would prefer it in the morning with a nice cup of coffee.

Ezra Zion Jamais Vu
A tad bit expensive but this cigar does feature some extremely creamy flavors that make it a good value.
  • Creamy flavor
  • Desert Stick
  • Burn issues
  • Expensive
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