In the infamous words of the Beastie Boys… You gotta fight… for your right… to party! And in today’s political climate you are also going to have to fight for your right to smoke cigars. And that brings us to today’s offering from Rocky Patel, the FREEDOM cigar which was released just this past summer to symbolize the battle for cigar smokers rights. This semi-dark, oscuro wrapped cigar screams “get your hands off my cigars!!” and it also screams patriotism with it’s red, white, and blue label. There is certainly nothing out of the ordinary about the look of this cigar, but it does have a very nice hay and earth aroma.

cigar review of the Rocky Patel FREEDOM

Upon cutting and taking my pre-light draw, I am really happy that this RP seems to have just the right resistance. A tight draw is a deal breaker in my opinion, so we are off to a positive start with the FREEDOM cigar. After toasting and lighting, I take in my first large draw of smoke and I can tell already – I am going to like this cigar. A huge amount of flavorful smoke fills my my mouth and right off the bat I get a blast of coffee and chocolate. The finish taste on the smoke is a warm, salty carmel, which is extremely pleasant.

FREEDOM cigar by Rocky Patel review

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As we work our way past the first third of this Rocky Patel, it’s rather clear this is a well made cigar, as the burn is perfect and the ash is firm and white. This is a medium to full bodied cigar but the flavors are full and satisfying. Halfway in and I am getting a really nice subtle spice along with a warm chocolate chip cookie flavor, the finish remains a constant melted caramel. I am really blown away by the construction on this cigar, which hints to the strict quality control at the Rocky Patel factory. Not once did I need to touch up or mess with the burn on this cigar, as it was perfect all the way to the end. These cigars will run about $7 per stick, which doesn’t exactly make them inexpensive in my book. Yet in the final analysis, I can’t say they are a bad value because they performed so well and the flavors were so pleasant.


Would I smoke this cigar again? Yes, in fact this might be one of the best Rocky Patel cigars that I have smoked. I really enjoyed the warm carmel finish on each draw and I appreciate Rocky Patel’s desire to help fight for the rights of cigar smokers in the USA.


Rocky Patel Freedom
Solid is nearly every category, this patriotic cigar will not let you down.
  • Solid flavor
  • Good construction
  • Patriotic
  • A tad expensive for the quality
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