Lately I have been picking cigars from the local B&M based on the interesting look or color to the wrapper. And while that might not be indicative of the quality of the cigar pick, it’s still a fun way for me to make a choice (I get very indecisive in the humidor). Today’s pick was the Nat Sherman Timeless Collection Hermoso. This cigar has a glistening red Honduran wrapper,

Nat Sherman Timeless Collection cigar review

this baby looks like a sparkly cinnamon stick! The hermoso size weighs in at 5.5×54 and it’s a rustic looking wrap with a cool vintage style label. I like the look of this cigar and it smells really nice, kinda like a old cedar barn filled with fermenting hay.

The cut and pre-light draw reveal a very nice resistance and a quick toast and a light introduce me to the slight peppery flavor with a distinct cinnamon finish. The Nat Sherman Timeless Collection cigar is produced by Quesada, which is ironic because the last cigar I smoked and reviewed yesterday was the Quesada Jalapa. I didn’t plan to smoke two Quesadas in a row. I was merely picking cigars with striking wrapper color and these two caught my eye, which tells me that Quesada creates cigars with interesting colored wrappers. I like that!

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Nat Sherman Timeless cigar review

The Nat Sherman might not put out as much smoke as some other cigars, but the smoke that it does produce is really pleasing to my palate. The cinnamon is accompanied by some musty cedar, leather, and other spice cabinet aromas. I love the way the Nat Sherman feels and looks resting in my hand. The Timeless Collection is the perfect name for this cigar because it looks like something Winston Churchill would have smoked.

Nat Sherman Timeless cigar rating

The Nat Sherman is medium bodied and medium strength. I wouldn’t say there were any major surprises or flavor shifts that I could detect, but that didn’t bother me because I enjoyed the subtle spice and cinnamon profile of the Nat Sherman. I took the Nat Sherman down to the nub, never meeting any harsh ash or tar, just pleasant cinnamon and cedar until the very end.

Would I smoke this cigar again? Yes I would. The Nat Sherman is affordable (coming in at around $8), it features great construction, pleasant flavors, and a sweet retro-vintage look about it. The Nat Sherman took home the number 10 spot in Cigar Aficionados top 25 in 2012 and I think it was well deserved.

Nat Sherman Timeless Collection
Above average in every category the Dominican version of the Nat Sherman Timeless Collection get the Dojo stamp of approval.
  • Gorgeous red wrapper
  • Spice cabinet aroma
  • Distinct cinnamon finish
  • No flavor changes
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