As I bumped around the humidor of my local B&M yesterday, I was having a difficult time deciding which cigar to smoke. I wanted to try something different, something that I had never tried before. And like a beacon of light, something caught me eye. It was the creamy, light-tan wrapper of the Quesada Jalapa, BAM, my decision was made. The Nicaraguan Jalapa wrapper is a light-tan color, which is rather striking as it stands out from the crowd. A quick sniff of this cigar has me thinking cedar and spice hinting at the Dominican and Nicaraguan binders and fillers. I grab the 4 & 7/8ths x 50 robusto size and give the lady at the counter just under $10, which is probably a couple more bucks than these are normally priced.

Quesada Jalapa Cigar rating
After cutting the cigar and taking my pre-light draw, I am very happy to find out that the Quesada Jalapa has a perfect draw, not too much resistance,  which could be an instant downer. My first draw on the Quesada sends a white pepper zing across my tongue and the back of my throat. This cigar has grabbed my attention! The amount of smoke the Quesada is producing is marvelous and the smoke is a chalky, thick, mouth-coating delight.

After the first few draws are done and I work my way into this cigar, the white pepper zing fades away and now I am full-bore into a very pleasurable cedar flavor with a spice finish. I am experiencing a funky burn and the cigar has gone out a couple times, but I am not going to count that against the cigar because I am smoking at the location I bought it, therefore it hasn’t had time to adjust in my own personal humidor. Typically, brick and mortar cigar shops over-humidify their cigars just a little in my opinion.

Quesada Jalapa Cigar review

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Halfway through and I am still getting a lot of cedar flavors with spice, but now the finish has warmed up and I taste a bit of caramel or molasses. This is a full flavor, full bodied cigar, so make sure you are smoking it on a full stomach because this baby is a powerhouse. Past the 2/3rds mark and no further flavor changes, but I am really enjoying the finish on this cigar – warm, sweet spice with cedar overtones.

Would I smoke this cigar again? Indeed! In fact I would love to let a few of these age in my humidor so I can see what they are like when they are properly maintained. The Quesada Jalapa is a unique looking cigar with great flavor and is an excellent choice for folks who like full bodied offerings.

Quesada Jalapa Cigar

Quesada Jalapa
Cedar and spice and everything nice the Quesada Jalapa will not let you down.
  • Pronounced flavor
  • Tons of thick smoke
  • Great Draw
  • Uneven burn
  • Hard to find
88%Mouth Watering
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