El Baton Belicoso

Today I’m smoking the El Baton Belicoso from J. C. Newman. The El Baton has garnered some pretty high ratings from some of the biggies in the cigar industry yet you rarely hear or see the El Baton mentioned that often in the typical social circles. Is this a diamond in the rough? A hidden gem? Let’s find out shall we?

First off the smell of the El Baton is of barnyard hay and sweat, yes… I said sweat. It’s not a bad sweat just a subtle “I just got done with my 5K” kinda sweat. I love the size and shape of this Belicoso. Coming in at 5 inches and a beefy 56 ring gauge this is a very substantive looking cigar. Upon cutting I am extremely happy to find a perfect and near effortless draw, thank you, thank you, thank you!! No cigar company should even bother releasing a cigar to the public until they have the draw perfected and the El Baton has done just that.

El Baton cigar review

After toasting and lighting I am growing more and more pleased with this cigar. The amount of smoke it produces from a single puff is fantastic. Tons of thick white satisfying smoke with every draw. The flavors are predominantly oak and coa coa, subtle bit of white pepper, and there is a slight nicotine kick on the back end. The finish on your palette is clean and somewhat short yet I’m enjoying this cigar immensely. The burn is really interesting, the burn line looks like ocean waves but it’s not canoeing nor tunneling nor doing anything that’s adversely affecting the performance of the stick. The very end of this cigar adds a slight sweetness to the flavor which was a nice surprise to finish off a very enjoyable cigar.

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The El Baton Belicoso boasts 100% Nicaraguan grown, Cuban-seed tobacco and I can see why this cigar has been rated so highly by so many, for it’s inexpensive price tag (coming in at around $6) and it’s satisfying flavors and great performance this is a cigar that certainly deserves a place in the humidor.

El Baton Belicoso
Very solid in almost every category which makes it a good value for the money.
  • Inexpensive
  • Performs great
  • Satisfying flavors
  • Not complex
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