It’s a well known fact that some amazing stogies come out of My Father Cigars, owned by master blender Don José “Pepin” Garcia and son (el hijo) Jaime Garcia. I can remember the first time I tried the My Father No. 1, it was amazing, like something I had never tasted before. Fittingly, I bought one thinking it would be a fun cigar to smoke with my father, and we’ve been enjoying them ever since.

My Father El Hijo cigar review

Check out that raw foot!

When I stumbled across the exclusive My Father El Hijo, it was an absolute no-brainer. Sold exclusively at, this is a nice-sized 5.5 x 52, box pressed stick (a first for the My Father line). It seems someone was getting a little creative designing this one, as the wrapper is cut about a half inch short of the foot, making for quite an interesting experiment for the first few puffs. The idea being that you are given the chance to taste the filler without any wrapper, then notice the difference as the wrapper kicks in.

The El Hijo (The Son) has the usual elegant MF band accompanied by a simple, lower band reading El Hijo in yellow and black. It is a nice size and feels good in the hand. The cigar looks great with the filler extending past the wrapper, you’ll drive yourself crazy with anticipation waiting for the right moment to smoke this. After all, I have always wondered how much of a role the wrapper plays in a cigars flavor, they say it’s one of the main factors, but could such a thin leaf really be that flavorful? As a side note, I suggest someone creates a cigar made entirely from wrapper… or would that kill you?

Exclusive My Father El Hijo cigar review

You’ll notice this cigar is rolled fairly tight, which will then surprise you as you test the draw, it feels great. This is really nice, as the tighter roll makes for a great burn and a nice long smoke. The first few draws are filled with spice and pepper (as they often are) but feels a bit harsh. Thick, white smoke billows out with every puff! Strong flavors of spice and wood abound as the wrapper approaches. The wrapper starts to go into effect and a noticeable chocolatey sweetness now compliments the palette. Being a My Father, it’s no surprise that this thing is strong, with chocolate, spice, and coffee flavors throughout.

On the downside, I ended up letting this smoke go earlier than I would’ve liked (which was still about an hour), just past the midway point, before reaching the El Hijo band. The smoke became less voluminous, the flavors more harsh, which is a shame as I will usually smoke a My Father to the nub. All in all this was a great cigar, a must-try for any fan of the My Father line. Was the unique wrapper a gimmick? Somewhat. Was this the ultimate My Father? No, but it sure was fun. I’ll continue to age my remaining stock, maybe the next one will burn to the end.

My Father El Hijo
A fun cigar that any My Father fan will need to try but a harsh finish prevents it from a classic micro blend.
  • Fantastic vitola
  • Excellent first third
  • Top notch construction
  • Harsh flavors in final third
  • Great start, poor finish
  • Steve Saka Cigars
  • Cigar Wars cigar ratings
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