Acid Blondie Petit Corona

The Acid Blondie Petit Corona is a flavor infused cigar with a nice light tan Connecticut wrapper. This cigar is known for it’s small size yet big flavors. The first thing you will notice about the Acid Blondie Petit Corona is the neat little pig tail on the head.

Acid Blondie Petit Corona review and rating

The label is the typical psychedelic Acid colors of all the Drew Estate Acid line. Now here is where it starts to get funky, when you smell this cigar it will bring you right back to circa 1986 listening to punk rock music and smoking clove cigarettes at the dance club. It’s really uncanny how much this cigar smells like a clove cigarette.

Adam and the Ants and Flock of Seagulls aside when the reminiscing is over we cut and light this little Blondie. The taste on your tongue from the flavored tobacco is a very sweet buttery carmel. The draw is perfect which is a surprise from such a small cigar weighing in at just 4×38. Another pleasant surprise is the amount of smoke this little cigar emits, tons of voluminous aromatic smoke, you certainly do not need to double puff this little cigar.

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The actual flavors of this cigar are not nearly as much like a clove cigarette as the pre-light smell of the cigar. Instead you are greeted with a subtle creamy sweetness that is very nice throughout the first quarter of this cigar. Subtle notes of molasses and maple syrup might be detectable. The taste on your tongue remains sweet (very sweet) and if you like that sugary sweetness on your tongue you will certainly like the Acid Blondie.

Acid cigars Blondie review

Yet like many flavored cigars the last half of the cigar begins to get a bit strange as the infused flavors begin to get clouded with the ashy tar flavor of the burned tobacco itself. With a non-flavored cigar this typically isn’t an issue as the flavors blend nicely together yet with a flavored cigar I find the combination of tar and artificial flavor not so pleasing.

However, for a flavor infused cigar I would say the Acid Blondie is pretty darn good and the construction, burn, and draw, were some of the best I have ever had from a Corona sized cigar. The Acid Blondie could be the perfect cigar for the woman in your life that is on the fence about cigars and is contemplating trying a cigar for the first time.

Acid Blondie Petit Corona
If you dig flavored cigars they don't get much better than this.
  • Excellent construction
  • Fun first third
  • Aromatic smoke
  • Notes of perfume
  • Harsh final half
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