Don Benigno

Today I have the pleasure of reviewing my first ever, Costa Rican cigar, and it’s very likely that you have never heard of it, the Don Benigno! This is a wonderfully constructed cigar with looks to boast. Nice and firm, with a medium color wrapper, made from the finest Caribbean tobacco leaf.

Costa Rican cigar review

Well Let’s get to it! First, I cut the cigar to give a pre-light test draw that produced hints of deep, dark cocoa. The draw seemed to be a little firm, which worried me a bit, but I shrugged it off and got ready to toast.

Right off the bat, I knew I was wrong about the draw. It was near perfect! The Don Benigno hit me with a burst of hay, spice and creaminess right away, followed with a subtle hint of pepper on the back of my throat.

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Don Benigno cigar review

The burn was razor sharp and produced a generous amount of thick, creamy smoke.

Shortly after the first third, the pepper faded away and the cigar mellowed out to a nice blend of strength and complex spices, which continued until the final third where it was accompanied by the dark cocoa I noticed in the pre-light draw.

I know that some Cigar Smokers, Master Sensei for example, like to taste the actual tobacco. Well I too enjoy this simple pleasure, and believe me when I tell you, with the Don Benigno, it is more than just a simple pleasure! The tobacco is spicy and quite savory.

Over all, I thoroughly enjoyed this smoke. However, these are fairly rare stateside, so you’ll most likely have to order a Don Benigno online. If you are fortunate enough to see them at your local shop, I would definitely recommend picking up one of these gems!

Don Benigno
Surprisingly complex for a very unassuming looking cigar.
  • Satisfying flavors
  • Great tobacco taste for your tongue
  • Hard to find
  • Poor presentation
87%Surprisingly complex
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