Arturo Fuente Solaris Review

Master Sensei refutes Euthyphro’s dilemma while appreciating the mellow flavors of the Arturo Fuente Solaris.

Mellow, complex, and luxurious.

The Arturo Fuente Solaris is the newly released and latest in the microblend series of cigars from Abe and the fine folks from SmokeInn were kind enough to send me a Fuente Solaris to review and it looked so good I smoked it within hours of receiving it. Where has my patience gone??

In mythology, Solaris is the “Sun child” and is often equated with those who love to philosophize. With a cigar as complex and luxurious as the Solaris you will feel like a highfalutin philosophizer when you are sitting around smoking this baby. Heck I even busted out my refutation of Euthyphro’s dilemma to the delight of my other cigar smoking, philosophizing brethren as I sat and enjoyed this cigar.

The Solaris features a gorgeous sun grown wrapper and tobacco’s that have been aged for over six years. The label is the standard Fuente Gran Reserva label with the addition of a black and gold Solaris sub label. The smell is of subtle spices and aged tobacco. The cut and pre-light draw reveal a nice amount of resistance. The Solaris is a mild smoke. Many of you know that I am a full bodied smoke fanatic but that doesn’t mean I cannot appreciate a mild cigar on occasion.

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The flavor’s emanating from the Solaris are of interesting subtle spices, oak, and some cedar, all melted together in a buttery blend. The Solaris is mild but it isn’t bland, it’s flavors keep you interested all the way down to the nub. The burn was razor sharp and the ash held on in a nice white column. The only possible criticism I could offer the cigar is that it would have produced a more voluminous smoke but other than that it was well worth the anticipation. Thanks again to the folks for sharing it with me.

Arturo Fuente Solaris
Smooth and buttery but could stand to have a tad more flavor.
  • Great construction
  • Buttery flavors
  • Not much smoke output
  • Light on flavor
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