How can I get my favorite cigar reviewed?

We have had several folks contact us and ask us if we would smoke this or that cigar and then review it. Currently we pick cigars to review simply based on what interests us and we buy them with our own money and frankly that’s the way we like it. Yet, we understand that some folks want to get a second opinion so we would love to smoke any cigar you would like us to review. Therefore if you are a cigar manufacturer, cigar shop, or a cigar enthusiast and would like to have us smoke and review your cigar you can do the following….

Carefully package at least 2 samples of the cigar and send them to:

2679 S. Kline Circle
Lakewood CO 80227

Please allow 1-3 months for the review to show up on our site. Also, please include your name so we can credit you and feel free to include any notes as to why you think this cigar would be a good one for us to review. If you have a website please include the URL and we will add a text link back to your site from our review (hello Google juice!!). If you have any question pelase do not hesitate to contact me.

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  • Joya de Nicaragua cigars

* We will try to review your cigars within in 1-3 months of receiving them.
** If cigars are not properly packaged or are in otherwise poor condition we reserve the right to not smoke and or review them.
*** We pride ourself on unbiased cigar reviews therefore we do not guarantee or even imply a glowing review of a bad cigar. 🙂 

**** We do not guarantee that we will review all the cigars we receive.


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