It’s been a good minute since Cigar Dojo debuted new merch, and we’ve decided to introduce a full lineup all at once!

New for 2018, we’re introducing the Dojo’s first ever hats, offering both a casual/curved-bill style and a modernized flat bill format. In addition, we’re debuting all-new shirt designs and an overhauled sticker pack lineup.

Dojo Caps

When Cigar Dojo set out to finally introduce official Dojo caps, we didn’t simply slap or name on any ol’ hats. Instead, we’ve custom designed near-every square inch of our Dojo headgear!

With the “Sensei Patch Khaki Cap,” we’re offering a two-tone design of soft khaki and contrasting black. The caps have a classic/casual fit, featuring an adjustable strapback to fit most sizes. The front of the hats display an old-school stitched patch featuring a vibrant “Sensei Starburst” design. The cap’s back shows an arched “Cigar Dojo” logo over the back’s opening.

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Sensei Patch Khaki caps

The “DOJO Heather Gray Flat Bill Cap” is designed for the modern wearer, showcasing a black flat bill, structured front, and “ultra-puffed” 3D embroidery on the cap’s front. These caps use a premium heather material that gives a standout textured look/feel, as well as a leather strapback to fit most sizes. In addition, we’ve added our modern “Cigar Dojo” logo, embroidered on the cap’s left side.


DOJO Heather Gray Flat Bill caps

Japanese Retro Shirt

The “Japanese Retro Shirt” follows in the style of our popular “Dojo Bleached Grunge Shirt,” using an oversized print to cover nearly the entire front of the shirt! This has been inspired from old-school Japanese monster films (à la Godzilla), posters, and artwork, featuring the iconic “Sensei” logo and Japanese text reading “DOJO” on the bottom and “Never Smoke Alone” on the side. The shirt fabric is “Vintage Black,” which is slightly more worn looking than a standard “jet black.” This adds to the retro feel, having the feel of an old black tee you may have worn in the sun a few times…

As with the “Dojo Bleached Grunge Shirt,” these shirts are printed using sublimation, where the design is bleached out of the fabric itself—meaning no heavy inks, and therefore a more comfortable fit in the glaring midday sun (you’re welcome!).


Japanese Retro shirts front back

Updated Sticker Pack

Our sticker pack has long been an assortment of old and new, with the Dojo staff tossing in a “grab bag” of designs. Now, we’ve updated the entire pack, showing four designs and three shapes. Two circular stickers are designed for outdoor/indoor use. The final two stickers are square (Dojo Bomb Patrol) and rectangular (Japanese Retro), being designed for indoor use.

Six stickers are included with every purchase, arriving with all four designs and an extra two stickers of the Dojo staff’s choosing.


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Check out Cigar Dojo’s merch store to see all of our products, including whiskey glasses, a Dojo perfect cutter, and more!


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