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Cigar Dojo NEAT Whiskey Glass – the optimum, award-winning glass for all spirits and liqueurs.

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The Cigar Dojo NEAT Whiskey Glass is the optimum vessel for spirit consumption!

Designed by Arsilica, Inc. in Las Vegas, Nevada, the NEAT™ glass has been scientifically engineered to accentuate and intensify the aromas and flavors of you favorite whiskeys (or any spirit, for that matter)!

NEAT (Naturally Engineered Aroma Technology™) is critically acclaimed for its unique shape, which has been designed to highlight the aromas of spirits and liqueurs. This includes a large surface area for heightened evaporation, as well as a unique curvature, which allows harsh alcohol vapors to cling to the sides of the glass and away from the center—the sweet spot!

The Cigar Dojo NEAT Whiskey Glass features an ultra-premium, lead-free, European Crystalline build—similar to what you will find in high-end wine glasses—allowing for a thin and elegant shape, better durability, and better light refraction (because, admit it, looks matter…). The glass is dishwasher safe, with the Crystalline material providing the added benefit of resisting the foul mineral odor common to low-grade glass when washed.

Our NEAT glass features the Cigar Dojo *Insignia* design centered on the bottom of the glass in a laser-etched appearance.

As with all real-crystal glassware we strongly recommend hand washing.


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