From the creators of Blind Man’s Puff, a new cigar rankings system has been officially launched today as “The People’s Stogie.”

The People’s Stogie—a separate entity from Blind Man’s Puff—is an aggregator, compiling official rankings from respected cigar review websites and magazines (in the same manner as movie review website Rotten Tomatoes) to generate an overall score for cigars.

The scoring system for The People’s Stogie is dubbed “TPS,” which is both an acronym for the website and a play on the “Testing Procedure Specification,” a software development term made famous by the 1999 film Office Space. The TPS system gives a score between 1 and 10 for a given review. As each publication utilizes different scoring systems, TPS will award points accordingly; such as 10 points for a Cigar Dojo review in the range of 96 to 100, or a cigar categorized as “Amazing” by Stogie Review.

The People’s Stogie includes news from various publications as well, which can be sorted by latest stories or top-ranked. Each cigar receives a dedicated page, listing its TPS score, user-generated score, stats, a brief description, discussion, and more. In addition, users can drill-down and view each original review that contributed to a cigar’s overall TPS score.

As of today’s launch, the site includes rankings on eight cigars, but added reviews will eventually be able to be sorted by various metrics such as top-ranked or latest releases.

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