Shortly after the annual IPCPR trade show in 2017, images began to spread on social media of a new cigar that appeared to be from Warped. And while the look was quite similar, this new cigar—Cloud Hopper—was revealed as the first brand from a new company altogether—Edition One, Inc.

Edition One is the collective effort of Kyle Gellis (owner of Warped Cigars) and his younger brother, Devin Gellis. The company took shape after Devin sought to follow in his brother’s footsteps, asking Kyle to guide him through a path he’d tirelessly forged over the past decade with Warped.

The company’s first line is Cloud Hopper, which was named for the brother’s shared experiences traveling.

It’s a collaborative effort between Kyle and Devin Gellis. The idea came about when Kyle and Devin who share a love for traveling (and do a great deal of it), and they were talking about their stories from their travels, Cloud Hopper just came to be. Edition One, Inc.

While Devin is taking the reins for Edition One, Kyle’s influence is very apparent. For starters, the cigars feature a clean and modern look, while managing to retain a vintage flair—something Warped is known for. In addition, the Cloud Hopper uses an all-Nicaraguan, all-AGANORSA blend, with production being handled by Tobacos Valle de Jalapa, S.A.—the Estelí-based factory that handles most of Warped’s cigars. The most noticeable differentiator thus far is the price point, with Cloud Hopper coming in well below anything offered from Warped to date ($6.30 – $6.50 MSRP).

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Our goal with Edition One was to create a cigar from TABSA utilizing 100% AGANORSA material at a price point that let them experience them more on a regular basis. If you like AGANORSA’s material, then these really are hard to beat. Edition One, Inc.

Cloud Hopper No. 53 Breakdown

  • Wrapper: Jalapa, Nicaragua (Corojo ’99)
  • Binder: Nicaragua (Corojo ’99 | Criollo ’98)
  • Filler: Nicaragua
  • Factory: TABSA (Nicaragua)
  • Production: Small Batch
  • Vitola: 5¼″ × 42 (Corona)
  • Price: $6.30 (MSRP)

Despite gaining public attention in recent months, the Cloud Hopper was first released in early 2016. This was no doubt handled behind the scenes in the same manner many companies quietly released product in 2016, rushing to beat the imposed FDA deadline of Aug. 8, 2016. In this regard, Edition One (EO) buys themselves time before regulations are imposed.

Cloud Hopper No. 53 is one of two vitolas introduced (the other being the 5″ x 48 “No. 88”), with both sizes showcasing thin, traditional formats often sought after by “connoisseurs”.

EO expressed to Cigar Dojo in an interview that they have no plans to broaden outside the Tobacos Valle de Jalapa (TABSA) factory. With a large portion of Warped cigars using the same formula, we asked what differentiates the two companies.

You have two different profile’s competing for blend space with Edition One, it allows you to experience how when two people have different profile preferences and how they can come together into a singular blend.Edition One, Inc.


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As mentioned, the look is very similar to Warped, with many assuming the cigars are from Warped before learning the full story. This may be part of the company’s strategy, as EO has been cautious to make themselves known as of yet. They did not make an appearance at IPCPR and have yet to launch their website (as of this writing), despite having the address displayed on the underside of the cigar’s bands.

The bands use a thin style that is becoming ubiquitous in the craft circle (Tatuaje, RoMa Craft, etc.). It is a simplistic look that reads “Cloud Hopper” in a font reminiscent of Warped’s Maestro del Tiempo. Interestingly, the band also reads “1988” and “By Kyle Gellis,” which is Kyle’s birth year; lacking Devin’s respective information.

The cigar’s show a pale brown hue, what appears to be a double cap (though it could be triple), and a medium-firm bunch—allowing for no soft spots in the construction. The wrapper’s seams are well-placed and there are few veins to be seen. Additionally, there is a fine toothiness on the surface, like 400-grit sandpaper. The cigar has a solid feel and the size is appreciated—not something you’ll see very often in this price range.

On the exterior, Cloud Hopper shows notes of musk and beef jerky—the foot veers towards floral and juicy characteristics. The pre-light draw is medium to firm, with light notes of basement must and cedar.

Smoking Experience

Cloud Hopper begins with an assortment of flavors, primarily detected throughout the nostrils. Red peppers and chili spice are at the forefront, followed by freshly cut grass and darker tones of black peppercorns on the tongue. While the taste on the tongue is dark, the retrohale shows brighter tendencies of buttered toast and crackers.

As seen with the pre-light draw, most samples had a smoking draw on the firm side of medium. It is only slightly tight, producing a medium smoke output on double puffs, and a light output on single puffs. The smoke itself is soft and suede-like, bringing a medium flavor, medium-light strength, and just under medium body. The cigar’s construction is among its highlights, showing a razor-straight burn and soft white ash that clings to the cigar for upwards of two inches.

Edition One Cloud Hopper No. 53 cigar smoking

Passing the cigar’s first inch and beyond, most of the spice begins to dwindle. This component is replaced with brighter and sweeter flavors of citrus, light-roast coffee, and a sweetness that resembles rock candy. There are also added complexities, such as anise in the retrohale finish and mineral (like the smell of rain) on the tongue.

In the cigar’s final moments, a spiciness returns in the form of chili zest from the profile’s beginning, this is joined with dark notes of leather and anise. The overall profile rests around medium flavor, strength, and body.

Edition One Cloud Hopper No. 53 review

Would I Smoke This Cigar Again?

Absolutely. Cloud Hopper has the fun boutique feel of Warped at a fraction of the price. The palate is not nearly as complex, but the flavors that are there are enjoyable. It’s refreshing to find a value-priced cigar with an appreciation for refinement—with most cigars in this category being either Connecticuts or powerhouse maduros with oversized ring gauges. This is the perfect choice for the seasoned smoker to stock up on and enjoy daily, with an afternoon timeframe being ideal.

  • Smoking Time: 1 hour
  • Pairing Recommendation: wheated bourbon, New England-style IPA, mojito cocktail
  • Purchase Recommendation: 15-pack

Edition One Cloud Hopper No. 53 cigar nubbed

Cloud Hopper No. 53
Edition One, Inc. combines the talents of Kyle and Devin Gellis, introducing the company's first cigar—Cloud Hopper—as a Nicaraguan/AGANORSA puro blend in a surprisingly low price point. Cloud Hopper showcases the renowned craftsmanship that the TABSA factory has become known, offering the cigar in two traditional sizes that will be appreciated by veteran cigar smokers. The smoking experience is classic and easy-going, offering a medium body and enjoyable flavors that don't require one's full attention to be appreciated. While the cigar's draw is often on the firm side, the construction is among the highlights—carrying solid chunks of ash and a razor-sharp burn line throughout. The profile isn't particularly complex, but the flavors are consistent, outperforming the cigar's modest price point.
  • Rock-solid construction
  • Easy-going flavor profile
  • Great price
  • Low availability
  • Lacks depth
  • Tight draw
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