There is a new player in the world of premium cigar cutters. Lujo Concepts is a newly introduced manufacturer, which has been in production over the last five years, created by partners Daniel Lance and Eric Domsch.

The company’s first offering was announced today—a cigar cutter known as BTX. The cutter boasts an ergonomic design, having a curved shape for the thumb on one end, and three divots on the opposing end for the fingers. The cutter focuses on simplicity, removing all unnecessary components, such as springs, buttons, and a frame—using only eleven total components. Instead, a unique magnetic system has been designed to handle opening and closing.

BTX is a double guillotine-style cutter, but uses a unique shape that provides an “involute cutting action”.

The geometry of the BTX induces a horizontal slide before vertical pressure is applied slicing the cap of a cigar, taking pressure off the cap to circumvent splitting the shoulder.Lujo Concepts

Because of the unique shape and frameless design, the cutting action is more akin to a fine-tuned pair of cutting scissors, with Lujo Concepts advertising a cut up to most 80 ring gauge cigars.

Other features include a lifetime warranty, which Lujo dubs “The Sentinel”, options for matte steel or black blades, and specially designed inlays from materials sourced across the globe.

The Sentinel incorporates the usual features of a lifetime warranty, but also lets users register the product with a unique serial number; allowing for the potential to retrieve your BTX after it’s been lost or stolen.

The customizable inlays feature a range of materials from carbon fiber, to wood, to leather—with luxurious upgrades that include exotic leathers, such as elephant and shark leather.

Lujo Concepts informed us that further details, such as pricing and release information, will follow in the coming weeks. In the meantime, check out the full set of BTX features at 

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