Sam Leccia (of Leccia Tobacco) unofficially announced a new project he’s been working on over the last few years, during his appearance last week on Cigar Dojo’s Smoke Night Live show.

Originally known as “Bumpy (or Lumpy) Sanchez”, the official title will be Bumpy Roots.

The cigars have been a feature of Sam’s events for awhile now, but are now going into production, with a tentative release for summer/fall 2016. We even featured Sam rolling the cigar at last year’s Rocky Mountain Cigar Festival – where he takes pre-bunched filler/binder and finishes the cigar by rolling it over a wrapper that has been sprinkled with pipe tobacco.

I’ve always prided myself on doing fun and interesting things with the tobacco itself. You can always get creative in the packaging, it’s a lot more tasking to be creative in the blending.Sam Leccia

Sam has created 3 versions of Bumpy Roots, all rolled in a 5″ × 50 robusto. The cigars feature premium long-filler tobaccos, utilizing 3 grams of pipe tobacco in the filler, as well as the extra bits that are rolled between the wrapper and binder. During the Smoke Night Live show, Sam shows off packaging for all 3 varieties, having hand-drawn characters around canisters of 4 cigars.

Bumpy Roots Cigars

  • Cherry Stout
  • Pap’s Blend
  • Dee’s Nut Ale

Referring to the Cherry Stout, Sam said, “People may be surprised at how traditional this tastes, if they’re going in thinking this is going to be a cherry-flavored cigar, you’re going to be disappointed – it has a hint of cherry.”

Pap’s Blend showcases barber shop imagery and a Black Cavendish/Perique-style pipe tobacco blend.

Dee’s Nut Ale features bar-scene imagery (including Sam, his father, and grandfather) on the packaging and was described as having a nutty flavor – with a hazelnut pipe blend.

There will also be an additional 6 grams of pipe tobacco from the cigar’s blend at the bottom of the can, which helps with aroma, keeping the cigars humidified, and can be smoked in a traditional pipe.

The cigars are intended to smoke very traditional in flavor, with the pipe tobacco playing its biggest role in the cigar’s aroma. Sam was very persistent in reassuring fans that they don’t taste flavored or infused, only imparting subtle nuances from the pipe tobaccos.

This will certainly be a fun and unique project to watch out for later this year. We know Sam has had success in bringing unique tobacco styles into his blends before – with Leccia Black being among the most popular cigar blends to utilize fire-cured tobaccos.

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