Tony Serino, President of APS DISTRIBUTORS and newly founded Serino Cigar Co. announced that the company is going forward with its long-desired goal of entering the Super Premium Cigar market segment. “It has taken Mr. Serino 20 years of hard work, lots of bumps and bruises to achieve success.” We started modestly, buying, importing and selling inexpensive “daily smoke” bundled cigars. We built on our learning experiences to partner with reliable, sound, manufacturing partners, which led us to produce reasonably priced quality boxed cigars. Some of these have been rated in the 90’s by publications yet they are accessible to the average smoker.

We owe our success to the close, honest relationships we have with these partners. Our success, along with our manufacturing partners, is built on trust, the most essential ingredient in this business. For some time, we have wanted to create “masterpiece” cigars of the highest quality and consistency. To justify the investment and production of a super premium blend requires a partner that not only has the blending talent but also total control of the production from sowing the seeds to banding and boxing the blends. We have finally found that partner which offers us vertical integration.

We were introduced to Omar Gonzalez Aleman, owner of the world famous ‘La Corona Cigars, S.A. in Estelí, Nicaragua’. I knew his pedigree was unquestionable, as his father taught him as a boy in Cuba the intricate skills of producing great cigars. Omar has supervised the creation of some of the best cigars in the world and now continues to do so in his ‘La Corona Cigar Factory’, where he is producing his best cigars yet.

Omar’s career blossomed when he started working in the Cuban Partagas factory, however his true fame began when he became the head director of The ‘La Corona Factory’ in Havana, Cuba. This is the same factory that manufactures some of the world’s most prestigious brands such as: Romeo y Julieta, Hoyo de Monterrey, Cuaba, Por Larranga, Saint Luis Rey, San Cristobal de Habana and some Montecristos. When it comes to crafting a world class cigar, Omar is an artist creating absolutely stunning cigars.

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‘Serino Royale’ will be debuting four different blends, each blend in four vitolas to best illuminate each blend. Each cigar, marked by flawless craftsmanship, is distinct in wrapper(s), taste, strength and size. The variations include: a mild to medium-bodied beautiful Ecuadorian Connecticut, which will probably surprise people the most, as the abundance of flavors is not regularly found in a Connecticut wrapped cigar. A medium-bodied Ecuadorian Habano Claro, a gorgeous medium to full-bodied Ecuadorian Habano Oscuro (Maduro) and a stunning full-bodied Ecuadorian Habano Oscuro blend named Maduro XX. All cigars will be packaged in elegant 20 count humidors color coordinated to each blend.

Full launch of the ‘Serino Royale’ is expected July 1, 2016 and will be at booth 137 at this year’s IPCPR.

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