iphone-Cigar-Wars-battleCigar Wars! No, my friends, it’s not the sequel to “The Force Awakens”, it’s the new feature in the Cigar Dojo app. The premise of Cigar Wars is simple, two cigars are presented for battle and you pick the cigar that you think is better. It’s as easy as that!

As users pick their favorite cigars, the battle rankings of each cigar begin to take shape. Cigar Wars employs a sophisticated rating system that takes into account which cigar is the favorite (has the higher battle rating) and which is the underdog (has the lower battle rating). With this special ratings system, the Cigar Wars leaderboard will ultimately present a very accurate ranking for each cigar, based on the votes of thousands of cigar smokers around the world.

After all, what tells you more? An arbitrary numerical rating of a “connoisseur”, or the honest decision of which cigar you’d rather smoke? We thought so…

Currently, there are over 100 cigars entered in battle, which means there are over 5,000 battle combinations! Each week, we will add new cigars to the ring, so that they can begin to find their place in the leaderboard. New cigars will be given an initial battle rating that will place them in the middle of the pack, allowing them to begin to climb or fall, based on the votes of the community.

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iphone-Cigar-Wars-leaderboardThe Leaderboard on Cigar Wars can quickly show you what cigars are leading in a variety of categories:

  • Top Cigars Overall
  • Top Nicaraguans
  • Top Dominicans
  • Top Maduro Shade
  • Top Natural Shade
  • Top Affordable Cigars
  • Top Expensive Cigars
  • Etc.

To play Cigar Wars, simply open up the Cigar Dojo app and click the “Cigar Wars” menu item. You will then see two cigars ready for battle. Click the cigar you think is better and a new battle begins! If you can’t decide which cigar should be the winner, just click “Refresh” and a new battle will be presented.

As you vote on your favorite cigars, your ratings are combined with the other votes from smokers around the world, creating each cigar’s “Battle Rating”. The higher the battle rating, the higher the cigar will be ranked in the leaderboard.

It’s the most fun you will ever have rating cigars and it’s only available in the Cigar Dojo app.

May the best cigar win!

Don’t have the Cigar Dojo app yet? Download it for free at your app store.
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